Sourcing high genetic merit sires for breeding programs is easier following the August 2011 sire summary as Genex Cooperative, Inc. now has 45 Holstein sires that surpass the +$650 Lifetime Net Merit (LNM) level. Fifteen of those are new debuts; these 15 are diverse in pedigrees, but alike in ability to promote progress. Making prominent debuts are 1HO03070 ECOYNE ISY at +$86 LNM and 1HO10226 PERRY at +$812 LNM. ECOYNE ISY is a Planet x Bret son with +1798 PTA Milk, +2.47 PTA Type, +2.15 Udder Composite and a +6.9 Productive Life. PERRY's solid production, +2.47 PTAT, +2.19 Udder Composite, +2.45 Foot & Leg Composite, +6.8 Productive Life and +1.8 Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) propelled this GENESIS grad to the top. 1HO10296 BOYOBOY established himself as the complete genetic package. Choose BOYOBOY for elite LNM (+$789) and TPI (+2372), overall conformation improvement (+2.78 PTAT, +2.21 Udder Comp., +2.66 Foot & Leg Comp.), and fitness finesse (+5.9 Product Life, +1.5 DPR). The 1HO02565 CASSINO son, 1HO10294 LIQUOR, is an intoxicating new sire with over a ton of milk (+2058). Readily available in both GenChoice™ sexed semen and conventional semen is elite 1HO08784 FREDDIE son, 1HO10236 LEWIS. This highly sought-after mating sire clearly has "no holes" in his proof: +$726 LNM, +1190 PTAM, +2.71 PTAT, +2.93 Udder Comp., +2.92 Foot & Leg Comp., +6.8 Productive Life, +1.5 DPR, +2.73 SCS and 7% Sire Calving Ease. A CASSINO x Nifty son, the +$723 LNM 1HO10242 GENTRY, offers quality milk, long-lasting cows and trouble-free legs and udders. Fellow CASSINO son 1HO10293 PAIR offers high components and low SCS as well as style (+2.75 PTAT) inspired by his 1HO07235 TOYSTORY dam. 1HO10080 DUSK (Planet x Wizard) creates daughters that last, breed back and carry healthy udders. 1HO03079 FORHO ISY (Planet x O Man) is a big-time milk improver (+1937) producing strong and dairy daughters with adequate size. 1HO10410 PEACAN (Planet x Boss Iron) is attributed with impressive production, hardy daughters and extreme dairy strength 1HO10260 ZIGGY (Jeeves x Shottle) is an MVP for Foot & Leg Composite at +3.12. He combines that attribute with stellar health traits (+8.2 Productive Life), +0.16% Fat and +2.45 PTAT. The industry's first sons of the fabulous 1HO08778 SUPER have joined the lineup at +$671 and +$662 LNM. 1HO10297 CHAP demands attention for his +3.84 PTAT and +2.99 Udder Composite. 1HO09875 ALMOND is an "everything" bull with production (+1539), conformation (+2.39 PTAT) and health traits. Following suit as new sons of Genex sires are 1HO10217 MASTER *BY and 1HO10227 SCRAMBLE, both sired by 1HO09527 MASSEY. MASTER has udder appeal and enhances Fat and Protein. At +$656 LNM, SCRAMBLE improves components (+0.08% Protein, +0.25% Fat). For more on the Genex lineup, visit Genex is a subsidiary of Cooperative Resources International (CRI), a member-owned holding cooperative. The mission statement summarizes the goal of CRI: "To provide products and services as effectively as possible to maximize the profitability of members and customers worldwide while maintaining a strong cooperative." 08.15.2011