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Unexpected variation in feed lipids can cause tremendous challenges in configuring dairy cattle diets for maximum milk production and components. This month's Fatty Acid Forum Beef Checkoff photowebinar focuses on the science of feed lipid variation and the practical management of its impact on cow performance by Dr. Adam Lock of Michigan State University on Thursday, January 10th, at 3 pm central time.

Topics include:
1) The considerable variation of the fatty acid content and composition of fermented feeds, grains, pasture, and byproducts.
2) Why variation in fatty acid content may be important to diet formulation, intake of fatty acids, and risk of milk fat depression.
3) Possible effects of free vs. esterified fatty acids in feeds and the impact(s) on rumen function and animal production.

Dr. Lock's webinar will run 20 minutes in length, with 10 minutes of questions and answers.

With degrees from the University of Nottingham in England, and Cornell University, Dr. Lock has become one of the foremost experts in the area of fatty acid nutrition. The emphasis of his research continues to be on the area of fatty acid digestion and metabolism in dairy cattle and the impact of bioactive fatty acids on animal production and human health.

Registration Details:
"Feed Lipid Variation and Its Impact on Cow Performance"
Dr. Adam Lock, Michigan State University
Thursday, January 10th, 2013

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