Semex logoAt Semex, we're committed to delivering you profitable results. Working
with you and listening to your needs directs us, ensuring that our line-up is the most diverse and profitable in the industry. Semex has you covered whether you are looking for outcross
bloodlines, newly released daughter proven sires, extremely fertile sires or high reliability
second crop sires.

And, if you are looking for leading genomic young sires, Semex is certainly where you want to
be doing business as five of the Holstein USA official top 10 TPI Genomic Young sires call
Semex home! And, that is Genetics for Life.

High fertility Repromax sires provide immediate results that increase your dairy's reproductive
performance and profitability. As the world's only international fertility evaluation, Repromax
sires offer higher non-return rates and conception rates, increasing your dairy's reproductive
performance and profitability. Joining this group of fertility leaders following the August
evaluations are:

• 0200HO06036 LA PRESENTATION KAMIK (Baxter x Buckeye)
• 0200HO02549 SANDY-VALLEY SPARROW (Planet x Shottle)
• 0200HO06053 VALLEYVILLE MUSKETEER (Bonair x Goldwyn)

Semex's HealthSmart sires produce quality daughters that are healthier, more fertile and last
longer. This means lower costs and additional profitability to the dairy. Semex's HealthSmart
sires including 0200HO00402 Mainstream Manifold and 0200HO05929 Gen-I-Beq Brawler are
proven to sire desirable, healthy cows. New to this roster following the August evaluations are:

• 0200HO06050 BLUENOSE RISINGSTAR (Stol Joc x Shottle)
• 0200HO00577 DE-SU AUTHOR (Stol Joc x O Man)
• 0200HO07413 HFK HEAVY (Baxter x O Man)
• 0200HO06036 LA PRESENTATION KAMIK (Baxter x Buckeye)
• 0200HO00593 ROYLANE REFLECT (Socrates x O Man)
• 0200HO06053 VALLEYVILLE MUSKETEER (Bonair x Goldwyn)

Rigorous selection standards ensures that the Genomax bulls are the industry's finest genomic stars. Envied worldwide our lineup includes young bulls that have become household names including 0200HO07450 Amighetti Numero Uno.
New to this line-up in August are:

• 0200HO06446 BOSSIDE VETERAN P-RED (Larson *RC x Lawn Boy P-Red)
• 0200HO02749 D-K-SILK SYMBOL (GW Atwood x Shottle)
• 0200HO06528 DE-SU NOMINEE (Numero Uno x Massey)
• 0200HO07471 DENMIRE MERCHANDISE (Manifold x Goldwyn)
• 0200HO06502 LEPACHA LOBERRY (Shamrock x Man-O-Man)
• 0200HO06512 LOOKOUT PESCE HAMPTON (Shamrock x Man-O-Man)
• 0200HO06503 LOUISELLE D EDISON (Shamrock x Man-O-Man)
• 0200HO06504 LOUISELLE EQUATION (Windbrook x Toystory)
• 0200HO02870 MR LOOKOUT P ENFORCER (Facebook x Shottle)
• 0200HO03857 NO-FLA DEBUT (Shamrock x O Man)
• 0200HO06516 PARILE LOCARNO (Pierre x Man-O-Man)
• 0200HO03936 PINE-TREE OVERTIME P (Numero Uno x Signif-P)
• 0200HO03883 RMW ANCHOR (Facebook x Goldwyn)
• 0200HO03875 STANTONS ELABORATE (Lauthority x Alexander)
• 0200JE00227 ROYALTY RIDGE FIREPOWER (Tequila x Comerica)
• 0200JE00217 RIVER VALLEY LAST ANTHEM (Valentino x Berretta)
• 0200JE00520 WILSONVIEW SYRIOUS (Arrow x Dale)
• 0200JE00910 DUTCH HOLLOW CLEARVISION (Visionary x Louie)
• 0200JE00509 GUIMO JEREMY (Arrow x Paramount)
• 0203JE01388 JER-Z-BOYZ CRIS-P (Critic-P x Maximum - Sexxed™ only)
• 0203JE01387 AHLEM DOMINICAN HOBBIT (Dominican x Legal - Sexxed only)

Additionally, our GenomaxPlus™ lineup combines the best genomic values with valuable
calving ease and fertility in one package. A full listing of these sires is available on our website.
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