Under the summer sun is a popular place to showcase the latest corn hybrids, new equipment, and the latest technologies at annual farm shows. One for example, Empire Farm Days, the largest outdoor farm show in the Northeast, is being held this week in Seneca Falls, N.Y.
The 11-state Northeast region, from Maryland to Maine, is home to 1,462,000 cows on 15,520 dairies which produce about 15 percent of the nation's milk supply each year. And, Empire Farm Days, now in it's 77th year offers three days of opportunity for dairy producers to see live field equipment demonstrations and even test drive tractors; attend educational dairy seminars; see cattle handling demonstrations; and meet with hundreds of exhibitors who have brought their products to display and explain how they can improve your dairy operation and its profitability.
So, why do you go to a farm show, and what is it that you are interested in? There is likely a basic set of products and services which you consistently look for, but clearly, some of your reasons change from year to year depending on a number of variables. And just how do you prioritize what you want to see in a limited amount of time?
We are curious if you make up a "short list" of products, services, and companies which you absolutely want to explore (yes or no). How valuable is attending a farm show to you in your decision process for moving forward with a product or service, and the companies which provide them (not at all or, moderately or, important)? We're looking forward to your comments!