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Krone announces their Swadro single-rotor rakes now feature Krone Lift Tines™ with new angled ends, allowing them to lift the material while raking, creating the Krone Lift Effect™. Previously, Krone Lift Tines were only utilized on twin-rotor rake models, but the proven technology of the Lift Tines has been extended to the single-rotor rakes. The special design improves the quality of the harvested forage by reducing contamination because the Lift Tines do not drag the ground and pick up other materials from the field. In addition, the curve in the lift tines improves the shape of the windrow. The advantages for producers include higher work rates and minimized crop contamination.

Left: Krone Lift Tines on the Swadro 42 T reduce contamination and create better windrows. Inset: New Krone Lift Tines are designed with angled tips.
“The significance of the Krone Lift Tines may seem subtle,” said David Taylor, Krone Territory Manager. “But the results are anything but subtle. One look at the windrow, and the evidence is clear. You’ll see a consistent, clean, well-formed windrow that is achieved at great rates of efficiency. It’s another example of Krone’s commitment to supply our customers with the highest-quality equipment so they can maximize productivity and feed value.”

Krone offers single-rotor rakes at work widths of 12’5” to 15’. In addition, the single-rotor models benefit from advanced technology, including the maintenance-free rotor gearboxes with a robust Duramax cam track, which comes with a three-year warranty. The tine arms utilize ball bearings within the cam track and are maintenance-free. The thick-walled tine arms, heavy-duty lift tines and large-diameter coils translate into excellent longevity, flexibility and strength.
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