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Holstein Association USA is pleased to recognize several youth every year for their achievements in breeding and developing exceptional Registered Holstein® cows. National Junior Star Performer Award

The National Star Performer Award recognizes well-rounded Holstein cows with exceptional milk and component production, as well as admirable classification scores. The cow must be bred and still currently owned by their Junior Holstein breeder; have an RHA of at least 87%; be enrolled in Holstein Association USA’s TriStarSM production records program; have a 305-day or less lactation completed in the last calendar year, producing at least 25,000 pounds milk; and be classified Very Good-85 or higher. Once the eligible cows are determined, they are ranked based on a formula: (Combined ME Fat and Protein + Age Adjusted Classification Score) x (Breed Average ME CFP/Breed Average Age Adjusted Score). Annually, ten cows are recognized with this honor, with the highest-ranking cow being designated as the National Junior Star Performer.

The 2016 National Junior Star Performer is Sunnyview-BK Large Awesome owned by Benjamin Todd Kronberg of Wisconsin. Awesome is classified Very Good-87 at 3-11, and calving in at 2-11, has a 305-day production record of 40,500 pounds of milk, with 1,475 pounds of fat and 1,214 pounds of protein.

Continuing, the top 10 winners of this prestigious award for 2016 are:
2nd place: Dinomi Mcctcn Kathy 9946, owned by Deena Migliazzo, Calif.
3rd place: Siemers Hero Hil-Dawg, owned by Jordan C. Siemers, Wis.
4th place: Hill-Ton Sidney Chrysalis, owned by Charles Conrad Hamilton, Wis.
5th place: Frederickacres Dempy 698-ET, owned by Andrew R. Good, Pa.
6th place: Mar-Linda-K Sterlng Raeanna, owned by Nicole K. Wright, Wis.
7th place: R-Vision Fever Lavender, owned by Emily M. Irwin, Ill.
8th place: Siemers Bradnick 19189, owned by Jordan C. Siemers, Wis.
9th place: Tooky-Val Butze Maguire, owned by Abraham I. Robertson, N.H.
10th place: Dream-Prairie FGG Oreo Mini, owned by Courtney E. Moser, Wis.

National Cream of the Crop Award

The National Cream of the Crop Award recognizes the top 75 Junior-owned Registered Holstein cows that have produced the highest combined pounds of fat and protein during a 305-day lactation. To be eligible for this award, cows must meet the following criteria: be owned by a current Holstein Association USA Junior member; have an RHA of at least 87%; be enrolled in the TriStar production records program; and have a 305-day or less record of over 30,000 pounds of milk completed during the calendar year, with the entire lactation being completed while the animal is under youth ownership. Once the pool of eligible cows is determined, cows are ranked on total pounds of fat and protein produced during the lactation.

First place in the 2016 Cream of the Crop
recognition group is Synergy Kamik Zelda owned by Hailey Rose Jauquet of Wisconsin. Zelda is classified Excellent-92, and calving in at 4-03, had a 305-day production record of 40,250 pounds of milk, with 2,252 pounds of fat and 1,267 pounds of protein.

Rounding out the top 10 Cream of the Crop winners for 2016 are:
2nd place: Balland Gold Diamonds, owned by Richard Donovan Ball, Idaho
3rd place: Rose-Lyn S Storm Cypress, owned by Tori J. Evert, Wis.
4th place: Foxberry Atwood Mazy 951-ET, owned by Kyle David Vanderfeltz, Pa.
5th place: Show-Mar Money 1284, owned by Dylan Brantner, Pa.
6th place: Ransom-Rail Gold Cando-ET, owned by Dylan Anderson, N.Y.
7th place: Mayhill Atwood Thanks, owned by Lilly Meyer, Ind.
8th place: Opsal Wlstar Dare Shot-ET, owned by Joseph Opsal & Cathyrn & Christopher Gunst, Wis.
9th place: Jenny-Lou Crown 3212, owned by Allison, Lauren & Brayden Breunig, Wis.
10th place: Show-Mar Louann 1195, owned by Dylan Brantner, Pa.

Other recognitions that cows owned by Holstein Association USA Junior members can achieve include the National Junior Breeder of an Excellent Cow Award, National Junior Breeder of a Multiple “E” Excellent Cow Award, National Junior 150,000 Pound Lifetime Production Award, and the National Junior 200,000 Pound Lifetime Production Award. All eligible cows are automatically screened for these recognitions on an annual basis.

Find complete lists of all Junior award honorees at, under Junior Awards in the main menu. With questions or for more information, contact Kelli Dunklee, youth programs specialist, at 800.952.5200, ext. 4124 or

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