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    Enroll in a FREE webinar series and learn how to rear healthy, productive calves using the latest technology

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    The productivity of your herd starts way before they enter the milk parlor. Practicing proper calf management is one of the keys to unlocking your herd's future milking potential.

    Dr. Robert James, Ph.D., PAS, is teaching DeLaval Calf College, a FREE webinar series covering good calf management and the utilization of feeding technology to help optimize the growth and potential of dairy cattle.

    Webinar dates and topics
    March 16: Critical points for calf rearing
    April 13: Dry cow and calving management
    May 4: Feeding the newborn
    June 8: Feeding the pre-weaned calf
    July 6: Pros/cons of different housing systems
    September 7: Choosing the calf feeder system
    October 12: Facilities for group housing systems
    November 2: Managing the calf feeder system

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    For more information about DeLaval Calf College and to register for the webinars, click here. Participants should register for each webinar they'd like to attend.


    About Dr. James

    Dr. Robert "Bob" James is an industry leading expert on calf feeding and management. He is a professor emeritus of Dairy Science at Virginia Tech University, and has a calf and heifer consulting business called Down Home Heifer Solutions, which specializes in providing timely management advice to calf and heifer raisers.