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Wondering how fatty acids can be related to navigating through these unprecedented times of COVID-19? This video series inludes three short sessions on current matters that the dairy industry is working through to continue to provide their essential products and how feeding fatty acids can allow for maintaining production and future profitability.

Session #1: Don't Flatten the Wrong Curve

Listen in as Dr. Tom Jenkins with Clemson University, Dr. Kevin Murphy, and Renee Smith with Virtus Nutrition present the first session of Big Fat Ideas During COVID-19: Don't Flatten the Wrong Curve. This short 8 minute video covers important factors to maintain performance of your early and later lactating cows using grouping strategies, adjusting DMI, and ration balancing, while not losing sight of the need and demand for fatty acids for critical reproduction and immune support.

Session #2: Distillers' Scarcity & Impact on Fatty Acids

In this second session on Big Fat Ideas During COVID-19, the scarce supply of distillers is discussed and the impact this has on feeding fatty acids. Listen in to find out what individual fatty acids to focus on to ensure your herds performance maintains productivity.

Session #3: What Fatty Acids and COVID-19 Have in Common

Listen in to this third session on Big Fat Ideas During COVID: What COVID-19 and Fatty Acids Have in Common, as the preventative action of hand washing to kill the virus is compared to how fatty acids can interact with rumen microbes and impact milk fat production.

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