Aug. 4 2020 03:03 PM

Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin explains shopper habits, future strategies

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In the latest episode of the Dairy Stream podcast, COVID-19 has impacted the dairy customer of the future and normalized online grocery shopping, however, dairy continues to be in the cart of customers.

Dairy Stream host Mike Austin talked with Chad Vincent, who is the CEO of Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin, about their marketing strategy towards customers, restaurants and grocery stores, advice for the dairy community to engage with the customer of the future and how to get involved.

Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin sponsored this episode.

Listen here.

Podcast breakdown:

  • 0:58: COVID-19 caused disruptions and surprises in the supply chain initially
  • 2:08: DFW had to adjust its marketing strategies during the first weeks of COVID-19 pandemic
  • 4:30: Buying habits of customers have changed, including shopping online
  • 6:07: Today’s customer shopping habits have become the new normal
  • 7:09: DFW’s strategies have turned virtual with buyers (grocery stories, cheese producers)
  • 9:05: Marketing cheese made in Wisconsin can help customers buying decisions
  • 11:37: DFW’s perspective on the dairy customer of the future
  • 13:36: Connecting with customers through digital (website, social media) and mass media (TV)
  • 15:47: Advice on the farmer connecting with customers
  • 17:40: DFW’s focus over the next five to 10 years
  • 19:50: Export growth of cheese brings more value to farmers milk
  • 21:26: Wisconsin’s specialty cheese market is important to the economy
  • 22:31: DFW has resources for farmers to share ideas and get involved

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