Oct. 19 2023 03:25 PM

Sponsored content created by Devan Paulus-Compart, PhD, Papillon Technical Services Manager

There are a multitude of feed additives in the market for use in ruminant rations, but with the unique challenges faced by individual farms, a standard line product may not always be the best fit. This is where custom feed additives can take a farm to the next level. By using custom feed additives made up of hand-selected ingredient blends, farms can employ targeted solutions for specific challenges.

So, where do you start? When developing a custom additive, one of the first considerations should be the farm’s goals. These may include seasonal, macro, and micro goals. Examples include managing heat stress or fall forage changes, increasing milk yield, reducing drug treatment costs, or increasing manure consistency within a pen.

On-farm sampling tools can provide greater insight into opportunities to support the above-listed goals, as well as identify hidden challenges. Total tract nutrient digestion evaluation, TMR audits, manure washing and scoring, walking pens, and pathogen sampling are just some of the tools at our disposal. With these tools, we can identify rumen and lower gut dysbiosis, opportunities to improve feed processing and mixing procedures, heavy pathogen loads in feed and animals, health challenges related to gut damage, nutrient utilization inefficiencies, and more.

After coupling on-farm sampling data with producer goals, a custom blend of feed additives can be developed that is fed either year-round or seasonally to meet animal needs. This leads to an additive program that effectively supports animal health and productivity at an economical price point, as it only includes ingredients that are relevant to the herd.

Custom feed additive blends are not meant to be stagnant. Auditing a feed additive program should be a routine part of a farm’s nutritional strategy. This should include an annual reevaluation of operation goals along with re-sampling to identify changes within the herd. With an annual review, a custom additive program can be updated to meet the current needs of the herd and provide the greatest value.

To learn more about Papillon’s on-farm sampling support and custom feed additive program, reach out to your regional representative.

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