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Here are a few Handy Hints from fellow readers.

Oct. 12 2020
At our dairy farm, recently weaned calves would jump out of their pen through the feedbunk. We hooked a gate to the bunk that keeps the calves from jumping out, and the feed can still be put in
Sept. 30 2020
We had problems with our calf feed getting wet when it rained. We got a 15-gallon drum, put an auger in the bottom, and put it up on metal legs
Sept. 9 2020
When we needed an additional paper towel dispenser in our milking parlor, instead of spending money on a new one, we used an old daily newspaper box
Aug. 25 2020
Instead of using a shovel or an expensive piece of equipment for the ever-pressing job of pushing up feed, our dairy uses an old lawnmower with a scraper dedicated exclusively for the job
Aug. 21 2020
Every time I tried to move my portable loading chute, I would have a hard time grabbing it with forks because it is unbalanced. I took an old bucket from my loader, cut off the attachment, and simply
July 17 2020
I created an easier way to take down an old barbed wire fence. I cut the ends off a 55-gallon drum and lag screwed it to a 4 by 4
June 19 2020
I mix milk replacer for 10 calves at one time and want to make sure I have consistent water temperatures for each batch
May 27 2020
My dad is an avid coffee drinker. We were running low on calf bottle holders, so we came up with an idea to reuse the plastic coffee containers for easier feeding
May 11 2020
This lift wagon is one of the most convenient pieces of equipment on our farm! Both the fronmaking it super convenient for
April 27 2020
We ran water pipes into our old barn to fill the livestock drinking tanks. That barn freezes during the winter, so we used this old propane tank as an air supply tank and plumbed it into the water pipe
April 23 2020
The roll-up that stores the hose we use to wash down our parlor was getting rusty and leaky
April 10 2020
It is not recommended to write on ear tags when the temperature is below freezing because the ink won’t set. When tagging in cold weather, I turn the heater in my truck to maximum
March 25 2020
Every time I had to go mend a fence, I first had to pile all my supplies onto my truck or tractor. To get the job done quickly, I came up with the idea of making a fencing wagon
March 10 2020
I was looking for a better way to store bags of mineral and feed in my feed room so they don’t tip and spill product
Feb. 25 2020
It is important to push up feed multiple times a day. We built this feed pusher that just slides on to the corner of the feed bucket so that we do not have to change the skid steer bucket every time
Feb. 10 2020
We made this pressure washer gun to wash the insides of our calf bottles on our bottle trailers. It is made so that three bottles can be washed at a time
Jan. 25 2020
Backing wagons and carts into tight spots in the shed for storage can be a challenging job. So, I welded a receiver on the bar behind the bucket of my skid steer. Now, I can move trailers with ease
Jan. 10 2020
Do you want a faster and easier way to open soap drums? Cut a 3-inch circle out of 1/8 inch thick metal and drill four holes in it 1 3/4 inches apart. Put a 1-inch long bolt in each hole and weld the
Dec. 12 2019
We went to Peach Teat Buckets to feed calves and needed a way to hang them. This is what we came up with. Get a 13-inch by 1.5-inch piece of metal and bend it at 5.25 inches into a 90-degree ang
Nov. 21 2019
Over the years, we had problems with the garage doors in our barn not sealing tightly. We came up with a simple solution