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Here are a few Handy Hints from fellow readers.

July 12 2024
We recently bought a cattle brush and needed a good way to put it up, so I built a stand out of recycled materials
June 10 2024
We built a feed pusher that can fit onto any tractor or loader on our dairy
May 30 2024
When you’re out on the farm updating identification tags on animals, it can get disorganized when you’re looking through a pile of ear tags that you’re pulling from your pocket
March 12 2024
If you like tools that help you work faster, then this trick is for you
Feb. 14 2024
Do you want to be able to move your fence posts around?
Jan. 23 2024
My hydraulics quick attach kept getting pinned between the grapples and spears on my loader, so I made a bracket with three holes that match the pins on the quick attach
Jan. 5 2024
As someone raising only a handful of calves at a time, I was looking for a way to air the bottles out between feedings
Dec. 13 2023
I found a fast and efficient way to clean calf bottles
Nov. 14 2023
To better organize our tire sidewalls used to cover the silage pile, we built this rack out of I-beams and 2-inch tubing
Oct. 17 2023
Sometimes our newborn calves don’t want to walk in from the field
Sept. 13 2023
We needed a counterweight for our tractor
Aug. 15 2023
Instead of searching for a place to fasten our chains, we welded three hooks along our skid steer bucket
July 12 2023
My family farm has a pump that floats on a raft in the middle of the manure lagoon
May 15 2023
I had a lot of flies in the barn during the summer months, so I had an electrician install night lights next to the exhaust fans
April 25 2023
I was looking for a strong, durable pencil with an eraser
April 10 2023
We needed a more reliable way to thaw and heat colostrum, so I took a 15-gallon plastic barrel and cut it to the correct height so the heating element wouldn’t touch the bottom
March 15 2023
On our silage bunkers, we bolt 2-foot pieces of 1” by 4” boards using concrete anchors every 12 feet to hold down the vapor barrier plastic. This way, the wind can’t get a hold of it,...
Feb. 15 2023
It was confusing figuring out which valves needed to be turned if we wanted to shut off the water to a certain part of our dairy barn. We took blank ear tags and wrote on them which part of the barn t
Jan. 25 2023
When putting up alfalfa and stacking it into our hay shed, I always like to know which cut the bales are from. I spray paint the whole face where the first cut ends and now I know when to change the r
Jan. 10 2023
In the cold weather, I wanted to plug in my pickup truck’s block heater, but I didn’t want a plug-in hanging out of the hood, so I made a bracket to screw the plug-in onto the front bumper....