Hoard's Dairyman staff

About Hoard's Dairyman

The mission of Hoard's Dairyman is to supply dairy farmers and their advisers from North America and around the world with practical, factual information to assist in all facets of their dairy businesses. From growing and storing crops to purchasing feeds, from supplying herd health information to explaining the politics of the farm bill, and from the economics of a new technology to the cost of milk production, all aspects important to the livelihood and lives of dairy farmers and their families are covered in the pages of the magazine.

Our magazine originated from the pages of the Jefferson County Daily Union, a newspaper founded by William Dempster Hoard, the first editor of Hoard's Dairyman and Wisconsin's 16th Governor. In that initial issue in 1885, W.D. Hoard said that Hoard's Dairyman would strive to "Give the choicest original and selected dairy literature to be obtained." We continue that legacy with each issue of Hoard's Dairyman and our growing internet presence, and vow that our next issue will be our best.

The publication helps readers run their businesses more effectively because Hoard's Dairyman staff operates a dairy farm themselves and writes from experience. The farm is home to the largest and longest continually registered Guernsey herd in the United States. A new freestall barn with four voluntary milking systems was built in 2019. The majority of the herd is housed in this facility; the remaining cows are milked in a double-10 parlor.