July 19 2024
National Dairy Council (NDC) leads nutrition research and education on dairy’s role in healthy eating patterns that support health and wellness
July 18 2024
As someone who loves to burn candles and buy fun, new scents often, you could say I’m a lover of good aromas. And, while I love the classic smells of sugar cookie, daisy, autumn woods, and sea breeze...
July 16 2024
ADA North East is highlighting dairies that process their own ice cream during National Ice Cream Month
July 15 2024
The Portuguese-American population is abundant within California’s dairy industry
July 12 2024
Growing up on a farm requires working long hours and putting in hard work, but it also equips you with many skills that others don’t have
July 11 2024
Making hay on hills and mountains is not a simple task
July 10 2024
The heat and humidity of this month make for long days of dairy farming
July 9 2024
My performance and energy are best when I eat well, just like they are for our cows
July 8 2024
It takes more than just one person to make a glass of milk
July 5 2024
Even though the summer months are always busy on the dairy, farming families know how to make work and play memorable and fun for all generations
July 3 2024
Dairy makes this holiday — and the world — better no matter what we are working through
July 3 2024
Vegan and animal rights activists are pushing for “plant-based” menus in a growing number of schools
July 1 2024
Being born and raised in Hilmar, California, has led me to where I am today
June 28 2024
The International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) and Morning Consult revealed the top ice cream flavors across the nation, unveiling some surprising new top contenders
June 27 2024
Our farm dog and the cow with biggest personality became fast friends
June 26 2024
Those of us who live on multigenerational farms are surrounded by the history of our families
June 20 2024
The ability to drive an array of vehicles is one skill farmers acquire
June 19 2024
Millions of Americans do not have access to healthy foods
June 18 2024
We can connect with health-conscious consumers where they are doing their grocery shopping
June 13 2024
Employers are generally impressed by students participating in internships and summer jobs. Consider working in agriculture!