Aug. 5 2022
My niece and nephews recently showed their calves at the county fair. I thought it’d be fun to ask my 4-year-old, non-farming niece a few questions about her fair experience
Aug. 4 2022
Corn silage harvest means all hands are on deck to make the best feed we can for our cows
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Aug. 2 2022
Farming requires long, often hectic, days, but it’s worth it when you’re doing something you love
Aug. 1 2022
Take a couple of advocating tips with you to the fair this summer
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July 29 2022
The things I love about farming make it worth the challenges
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July 28 2022
Our big old cow reminds me that age is just a number, and we should all take time to enjoy life
July 27 2022
“Sustainable food systems” was a big buzz word last year as the United Nations prepared to host its inaugural Food Systems Summit (FSS). The aim of the FSS was “to help inspire a decade...
July 25 2022
Everyone wants to feel valued. Farm workers are no different, no matter how big or small the job is
July 22 2022
Although unloading small square bales of hay is a hot, tiresome, and dreaded task by us all, it also brings back cherished memories from life as a farm kid and heartwarming thoughts of generations that...
July 21 2022
Before we update the calf housing on our dairy, we want to be sure we are making the best choice for us and our animals
July 20 2022
A panel of dairy influencers offer advice on how to share your farm’s story online before other voices do
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July 19 2022
Dairying provides many little instances of joy
July 18 2022
Let’s bring back the great debate of the most popular ice cream flavor to celebrate National Ice Cream month!
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July 15 2022
Engaging with our consumers builds trust as we share the stories of our farms
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July 14 2022
If our animals get sick or injured, we do anything we can to help them heal. These two success stories are examples of that commitment
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July 13 2022
New perspective comes from giving people the space to follow their ideas. Young farmers and agriculturalists need that permission
July 12 2022
Overseeing dairy manufacturing keeps my days variable and full
July 11 2022
If you like old tractors and agricultural history, you’ll enjoy hearing how I ended up with a little red show tractor
July 8 2022
An abundance of new calves has us spending more time working in our calf barn, so we rely on our farm kittens for some amusement
July 7 2022
My dad spoke at the funeral for a man who worked for us for most of his life and did his own rendition of “So God made a farmer.”