Jan. 24 2017
On January 20, 2017, we hung up the milkers in our parlor for the last time. Luckily not for the reason that seems to currently plague our industry – having to call the dairy quits
Jan. 23 2017
After spending a few weeks in Wisconsin during January, I, too, felt I needed a calf jacket wherever I went. Maybe I was just being dramatic, but I felt much more comfortable the more layers I had on
Jan. 20 2017
We pay professionals to do a job. When they do their job well, there are few problems. But, when there are oversights, that’s when trouble begins
Jan. 18 2017
The Golden State is known worldwide as a top producer of hundreds of crops and commodities. Due to the rich, abundant soil and ideal, long growing season, California farmers and ranchers have benefited
Jan. 17 2017
The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.I’m guessing this old adage has its origins in farming . . . perhaps someone watching a dairy cow reach under the fence to sample the grass
Jan. 16 2017
When I called central Pennsylvania, dairyman Sam Kauffman requesting a tour, his response was the same as many dairy producers. “I guess you can come, but there’s not much to see.”
Jan. 13 2017
Kansas State University professor Jeff Stevenson started the monthly Hoard’s Dairyman webinar with a timeline overview of management tools that have aided in the reproduction progress of dairy cows
Jan. 12 2017
Many dairies are becoming more advanced and using the latest technologies available, and we also try and “keep up with the Joneses.”
Jan. 11 2017
Why doesn’t it stay the same? Because Facebook is constantly adjusting their algorithm to keep consumer engaged
Jan. 10 2017
Happy New Year! Anyone else wondering where 2016 went? For myself, I am kind of wondering where the last two years went
Jan. 9 2017
My workday now starts at 8:00 a.m., but when I’m on vacation visiting my family’s dairy in Kansas, it’s a 4:00 a.m. rise time. That’s not because my parents demand or even ask me...
Jan. 6 2017
The Hoard’s Dairyman website was redesigned late last fall, and included an overhaul on the youth quizzes section. We know this is a favorite location for dairy youth to visit
Jan. 5 2017
It is sports season in our household. Basketball is in full swing, weight lifting tournaments are underway, and after school workouts have become routine
Jan. 4 2017
Genomic workshops recently held across the country gave dairy farmers, veterinarians, and students the latest information on genomics — past, present, and future
Jan. 3 2017
My kids went back to school today after their Christmas vacation, but our other Christmas break is still going. Our other Christmas break is a six-week break from calving
Dec. 26 2016
Dairy farming can consume every minute of every day if you let it; don't forget to pursue your off-farm passions, too. A wise person once told me, "Be careful how you build your fortress, as you can create...
Dec. 22 2016
While all eyes in the dairy industry turn to World Dairy Expo this week, my gaze will be from a distance. This time of year I feel the pull of the 2,010 miles (not that I’m counting or anything)
Dec. 19 2016
“Exploring how this year’s forage will feed” was presented by John Goeser of Rock River Laboratory
Dec. 16 2016
We all have those days where nothing seems to go right on the farm, especially during the harsh winter months
Dec. 15 2016
One of the great things about having a daughter and nephew working on the farm is that, for the first time in our adult farming careers, my brother and I can leave the farm at the same time