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Nov. 1 2022
Labor costs more than just money on a farm. That can be positive while also challenging
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Oct. 31 2022
It can be so easy to get wrapped up caring for the “problem cows,” but our average animals also deserve attention and some true appreciation
Oct. 27 2022
The first tractor that ever worked the land on our farm is at the core of many of my grandpa’s stories
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Oct. 26 2022
Farmers have complex jobs that make rest difficult even when we have to
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Oct. 25 2022
No day in farming is easy, but each is special when we keep our eyes open
Oct. 24 2022
The world of ag creates more learning opportunities and times of growth than anywhere else
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Oct. 20 2022
Sharing their knowledge and experience cultivates dairy advocates
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Oct. 19 2022
Students are an important part of telling our agriculture story
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Oct. 18 2022
Getting out of our bubble gives us valuable perspective
Oct. 17 2022
If your local store is low on dairy products, take the time to say something – they may thank you
Oct. 14 2022
Thanks to some extra care and attention, a premature calf recently born on our farm is doing well
Oct. 13 2022
Our family’s tradition of decorating our farm features a Halloween theme this time of the year
Oct. 10 2022
Despite the opinions of extreme activists, dairy still has a place in the world that should be defended
Sept. 30 2022
When it comes to milk quality, there are details I can see now that I couldn’t before we had our voluntary milking system
Sept. 29 2022
We’ve all heard the cliché, “Great minds think alike,” but have you ever stopped and really thought about that phrase?
Sept. 28 2022
Running our farm for a month using a generator is a good reminder that it never hurts to have emergency plans in place
Sept. 26 2022
The world sure has changed over the last one hundred or so years, and we can easily tell that by looking at the progression that has occurred in agriculture
Sept. 23 2022
Busy times mean people less familiar with our operations may be signing on to help. It’s our responsibility to ensure they stay safe, too
Sept. 22 2022
This versatile crop is beloved for many reasons as harvest season is upon us
Sept. 21 2022
Shedding our stereotypes of agriculture is the only way for consumers to recognize its value, too