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June 17 2024
One of the primary goals when feeding cows is to maximize fiber and starch digestibility for efficient production
June 10 2024
The highly pathogenic avian influenza (H5N1) virus is sweeping across the United States and affecting more than just poultry flocks and dairy cows
June 3 2024
In the realm of pest control, particularly when it comes to managing flies, Central Life Sciences has distinguished itself thanks to a comprehensive approach and commitment to excellence
May HD Guest Blog
May 27 2024
While you may already use herd management software, there is always room for improvement, even for the most efficient dairies
May 20 2024
Calfhood diseases can significantly affect heifer replacement rates, short-term profitability, and long-term sustainability. One often overlooked aspect contributing to this is oxidative stress
May 6 2024
Understanding how to control flies on livestock begins with understanding the pest’s life cycle
April 29 2024
The dry period should be a time of rest for cows and is an opportunity for the mammary system to heal and regenerate
April 22 2024
Midwestern temperatures in the last 90 days have been warmer than typical years
April 15 2024
Energy metabolism is a crucial aspect of dairy cow physiology, playing a central role in supporting various physiological functions, milk production, and overall health
April 8 2024
Mannheimia haemolytica is one of the leading causes of respiratory disease in cattle
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April 1 2024
The end of the short winter signals the beginning of prolonged warm days, prompting dairy farmers to evaluate their heat stress management plan
March 15 2024
Nutrition plays a vital role in the functionality of a cow’s immune system
March 11 2024
Forage quality tops the list for important contributions to the health and profitability of all livestock but often remains an afterthought
March 1 2024
As an industry, we strive to feed cows as consistent and high-quality a diet as possible
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Feb. 26 2024
2023 was a challenging year for dairy producers, navigating economic struggles, and uncertainties. In such times, Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP) insurance emerges as a crucial tool to mitigate risks and...
Feb. 19 2024
In the realm of beef cross calves, the presence of beef genetics imparts inherent advantages, promising greater consistency and robust muscling when compared to their all-dairy breed counterparts
Feb. 6 2024
Cow location technology can help reduce frustration, stress and lost time spent seeking specific animals
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Jan. 19 2024
A productive cow isn’t always a profitable cow. A profitable cow performs in milk volume and quality, breeds back quickly and experiences few health events
Jan. 12 2024
It is common for producers to experience lower butterfat tests and higher numbers of butterfat inversions this time of year
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Jan. 8 2024
Sand is widely regarded as the best bedding for dairy cows. But not all sand is created equally