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April 10 2023
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is implementing guidance that will change some animal antibiotic drug access from over-the-counter to prescription status no later than June 11, 2023
April 3 2023
As many dairy farmers already know, recycled manure solids (RMS) can be a cost-effective, sustainable dairy bedding option. If not managed properly, though, the use of RMS can lead to potentially high...
March 27 2023
Today’s consumer has new expectations of the beverages and foods they choose, and milk has plenty left in the glass to meet their needs
March 20 2023
The connection between nutrition and efficiency begins at birth
March 13 2023
Datamars entered the activity monitoring marketplace last year with the launch of the Tru-Test Active Tag system
March 6 2023
Inoculants can be formulated with multiple different strains of bacteria and enzymes based on their targeted end use, allowing farmers to choose products that fit their individual needs
Hoard Blog
Feb. 27 2023
The reasons and opportunities for adding anaerobic digester technology to dairy farms are many. Most projects are based on the goals of reducing the dairy’s environmental footprint, adding a new...
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Feb. 20 2023
Whether it is maximizing production, maintaining herd health, or controlling cost, feeding high quality forage is a key component. There have been significant technological advances in how producers g
Rebecca MacKay
Feb. 6 2023
The pizza experience in some countries can seem like a world away from what Americans are accustomed to, but the dairy checkoff sees an untapped opportunity for cheese to unite the global palate
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Jan. 23 2023
In about two short years, heifer calves born today will reach the milking herd. Ensure their success by making sure those two years are full of good health. One disease that robs future productiv
Jan. 16 2023
Rising protein costs have producers searching for opportunities to secure predictable feed costs while also ensuring consistent milk and component production. The question you may ask: is this a
Aug. 5 2019
World Dairy Expo 2019 is just around the corner and soon attendees and exhibitors will be collecting ‘Tools for Dairy’s Progress’ during the annual event