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Nov. 14 2022
For many years, nutritionists have been developing and balancing rations for cows at all stages of lactation with several key components including energy, protein, fat and fiber. Each of these ingredi
Nov. 7 2022
Whole cottonseed is a valuable dietary supplement for ruminants because of the balanced combination of fat, protein, and fiber.1 Cottonseed is grown in the South and transported via barge, rail or truck...
Oct. 31 2022
If you bed with recycled sand or are thinking about it, you’re in good company. A study in 2014 by the National Animal Health Monitoring System estimated 26% of U.S. dairy operations use sand beddin
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Oct. 24 2022
Over the last few years, raising dairy-beef crossbred calves has become a common production practice for dairy producers across the country. Breeding dairy cows to beef sires has allowed producers to
Oct. 17 2022
Who could possibly resist the cuteness of a newborn Holstein calf? How about a sweet and silly Jersey cow named SnoBall who is frequently caught on camera licking people? One sixth and seventh generat
Oct. 10 2022
“The dry period is an essential time of rest and recuperation that can prepare cows for a productive subsequent lactation,” said Mark van der List, DVM, Boehringer Ingelheim
Oct. 3 2022
The Shifttronic automatic gearbox shifts up or down to achieve the most suitable mixing speed depending on the weight setting when loading or discharging, without you having to lift a finger. Because
Sept. 26 2022
Choosing technology to implement on your dairy can be intimidating. A plethora of questions and concerns surface. Where do I start? What dairy technology should I implement next? How do I know my team
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Sept. 19 2022
Servicing and troubleshooting robots can be one of the biggest adjustments for anyone new to robotic milking. Digging in and doing some preliminary troubleshooting yourself
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Sept. 12 2022
If you’ve watched a NASCAR race, cars have finely tuned engines that enable optimal performance. Dairy cows are much the same — when fed properly, her engine will perform at maximum capacity...
Sept. 5 2022
Fresh cows are the most vulnerable animals in your operation. Giving them a good start after calving profoundly impacts both short-term and long-term herd profits
Aug. 22 2022
Mastitis can rear its ugly head at any point, but research has shown that the early and late stages of the dry period are when dairy cows are most susceptible to newly acquired intramammary infections
Aug. 15 2022
It seems like the dairy industry has a new challenge every year. This year’s challenge is volatility. Feed and agronomy costs are at an all-time high, forage reserves are low
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Aug. 8 2022
In most of the US, dairies are paid on components. Yet component measurement is largely managed with a monthly or bulk tank test that offers just a snapshot of milk from a single day and is energy cor
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Aug. 1 2022
Nutrients lost through forage shrink have a real cost to your dairy. Here are 11 tips to efficiently harvest, pack, and cover your corn silage to reduce shrink and add dollars to the bottom line
July 21 2022
But they may with your kids or grandkids.Mr. Beast and CaptainSparklez have reached iconic status among a very key audience that is the focus of dairy checkoff efforts: the Gen Z consumer
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July 4 2022
It should come as no surprise to anyone that the price of starch and protein is extremely high. It follows, logically, that silages are also being valued at a premium – oftentimes more than double...
Aug. 5 2019
World Dairy Expo 2019 is just around the corner and soon attendees and exhibitors will be collecting ‘Tools for Dairy’s Progress’ during the annual event