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June 7 2021
Endovac-Dairy is a vaccine and is commonly administered several times in the first month of the calf’s life to get the bacterial protection from Endovac
May 31 2021
Labor and raw material shortages are causing chaos across global supply chains. Freight lines are in desperate need of truckers. Costs for steel, lumber, and plastic/petrochemicals are all at all-time...
May 24 2021
Whether fat is of animal origin, a manufactured source of rumen protected fat, whole oil seeds and oil seed products, or corn milling products, the cost of energy is high. But, if you consider the energy...
May 17 2021
While dairy operations will never be completely free of flies, untreated fly infestations can lead to reduced dairy profitability
May 10 2021
Second in a two-part series. Read part one here. In our first article, we described the value of harvesting a plant with a full “gas tank,” or one with readily available root carbohydrates...
May 3 2021
Microbial and non-microbial factors often cause udder tissue stress. When this happens, it results in a loss of tissue functionality and productivity
April 26 2021
Feed prices have increased substantially in recent months. Further complicating the cost situation, the winter storm that blew through Texas froze water pipes and natural gas lines, which created a short-term...
April 19 2021
As a dairy farmer, you know when your farm is hitting on all cylinders: your herd is healthy and the cows are thriving and productive. Of course, you also know when something is misfiring
April 12 2021
Alfalfa growers have heard the downside of harvesting alfalfa too late. After plants have initiated regrowth, there’s a legitimate case for earlier cutting. Alfalfa requires energy in the form of...
April 5 2021
Researchers and scientists had the goal was to define a clear, concise way to measure and compare the water productivity (WP) of meat and milk production and identify opportunities to improve water efficiencies...
March 29 2021
No matter how well we plan and manage our silage programs, challenges arise. Weather, wildlife, and other factors can cause delays in covering our crop or air to be reintroduced to the silo during storage
March 19 2021
Endovac-Dairy is a vaccine and is commonly administered several times in the first month of the calf’s life to get the bacterial protection from Endovac
March 15 2021
What can farmers do to make their operations more sustainable for the future?
March 8 2021
Getting cows pregnant is a critical process that impacts nearly every aspect of a dairy operation. Many steps are involved in getting a cow through a safe calving
Feb. 25 2021
Cryoport Systems' technology tracks the internal and external conditions of each shipment every five minutes
Feb. 22 2021
You may have heard of artificial intelligence, data and analytics, and the Internet of things before. But how do they impact dairy?
Feb. 15 2021
There’s an old saying about making hay while the sun shines because, if you miss your opportunity, forage quality can quickly decline
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Feb. 5 2021
Somatic cell count (SCC) is a key measurement for understanding the status of a cow’s udder health, including the prevalence and incidence of subclinical mastitis
AH Clostridia Hoards
Jan. 25 2021
Clostridia lurk nearly everywhere on your dairy—in soil, feed, manure, and inside animals’ bodies. In fact, 99 percent of fecal samples collected from dairies across the country contained Clostridia
Jan. 18 2021
Successful dairy operations are the result of crucial decisions made on an almost a daily basis. Evaluating and understanding your priorities for your fields is just as important to the long-term success