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Sept. 1 2023
Several years ago, Tony Louters was on a hunt
Aug. 24 2023
Dairy-beef crossbreeding can introduce a value-added revenue stream for producers and help meet the needs of a high-demand beef market
Aug. 17 2023
Dairy’s data-driven technological revolution opens new and exciting opportunities in cow care and labor efficiency
Aug. 7 2023
With much of the Midwest facing limited rainfall and dry conditions, expected forage yield and forage inventories are an area of concern
July 26 2023
While a 20% pregnancy rate was once the standard goal, that is not the case today
July 20 2023
Heat in the summer is a given, which means decreases in milk production and dry matter intake will usually follow
July 13 2023
Heifers are one of the most valuable assets for a dairy operation. They are the milking herd's future and ultimately determine your business' profitability and longevity
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July 10 2023
Swimming in data? You’re not alone. Whether it’s data from your herd management software, milk testing, parlor or milking robot, or other technologies you use, today’s dairies are inundated...
July 3 2023
Recently, I heard a country song in which an old man provides counsel to “buy dirt.” While a song isn’t a source of financial advice, it does highlight the feeling that many producers...
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June 20 2023
With the opportunity to capitalize on the record low native beef herd numbers and the growing demand for high-quality beef, dairy-beef crossbred cattle producers can benefit from taking a second look at...
June 19 2023
“Just because something is common doesn’t mean it is normal.” While transition health events are common in dairy cattle today, it doesn’t mean that this must be our normal in the...
June 8 2023
When fly infestations are left untreated, they can cause significant harm to your livestock. Flies have the ability to transmit diseases, reduce weight gains among animals, and cause severe irritation
June 5 2023
Here are three things you can do to increase animal identification (ID) accuracy and data precision on your dairy
May 29 2023
Heat abatement tips to help keep your cows cool
May 19 2023
Feed accounts for 40% to 70% of most dairy farms’ production costs. So, how can you ensure you’re making your feed work efficiently? One easy way is using a feed management system to monitor...
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May 15 2023
Choosing an animal monitoring system can be tricky with so many options. Knowing what to look for can help you find a solution that makes daily herd management easier – and boosts your efficiency
May 8 2023
Understanding how to control flies on livestock begins with understanding the pest’s life cycle. House flies move from animal to animal, causing irritation and spreading diseases. Controlling house...
May 1 2023
As summer approaches, it is time to start preparing for heat stress in cows. Heat stress produces a variety of negative effects that hurt both cow health and productivity. One of the biggest challenges...
April 24 2023
Getting the most value from every acre and every ton of forage adds to your farm’s bottom line. Here are seven considerations to help you meet that goal
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April 17 2023
Cryoport Systems’ support of the animal health industry helps keep both people and animals safe around the world. Our customized care and compliant solutions have continued to help our clients care