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May 16 2022
Whole cottonseed is a valuable dietary supplement for ruminants because of the balanced combination of fat, protein, and fiber
May 9 2022
Dakin Dairy has been supplying milk and cheese to the state of Florida since 1973, where its products have made their way into more than 700,000 kitchens
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May 2 2022
Heat stress is complex and multifaceted. Beyond reductions in milk yield, growth, impaired reproduction, and increased culling, heat stress causes physiological and endocrinological changes
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April 25 2022
Alfalfa is a homegrown forage that can provide high-quality fiber, high protein content and good yields. First-crop alfalfa sets the pace for the rest of the season
April 18 2022
Remember that healthy, happy calves start as hydrated calves.With all the challenges and pitfalls of the past few years, many large and small dairies have reflected on new management strategies to inc
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April 11 2022
Bovine respiratory disease (BRD) is known as a “disease complex” because it usually stems from multiple factors
April 4 2022
An optimal calf can be defined as a calf with minimal health issues and maximum growth performance
March 28 2022
There is a tendency, when formulating diets for animal production, to focus on diet costs. The cost of feeding animals is ongoing and can consume 70% to 90% of the total costs of production
March 21 2022
Quality, reliable labor can be hard to come by. Whether your labor force is family or outside labor, the right milking equipment and technology upgrades can help your parlor run smoothly
March 14 2022
Most farms, no matter their geographic location, experienced some sort of irregular or maybe even extreme weather conditions in 2021. As a result, it’s likely the quality of dairy feed and forages...
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March 7 2022
Calf scours are inherent to calf rearing and are too often a headache for calf managers. The problem is multifactorial, and, despite decades of research, it is still the largest cause of mortality and...
Feb. 28 2022
If you’re a dairy farmer, you may have noticed something about the subject of enteric methane reduction: It often comes with no shortage of emotion, conflicting opinion, and misunderstanding
Feb. 14 2022
The Shifttronic automatic gearbox shifts up or down to achieve the most suitable mixing speed depending on the weight setting when loading or discharging, without you having to lift a finger. Because the...
Feb. 7 2022
Transition health is essential to lactation success, and a quality transition management plan is essential to your bottom line. The numbers don’t lie — maintaining transition health is an excellent...
Jan. 17 2022
The start of a new year is an opportune time to review the importance and impact of composite farm string sampling and then RE-Imagine how string sampling can further increase efficiency and profits.Proven...
Nov. 1 2021
Avoidable costs are unnecessary costs—always have been and always will be.It’s why dairy producers like you remain vigilant about identifying any part of the operation where additional (and...
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Oct. 21 2021
The search for feed efficiency is a journey. When margins tighten, many dairy farmers take a magnifying glass to their herds to find cost-saving opportunities. Focusing on feed efficiency can help your...
Oct. 18 2021
Consumers continue to love dairy products, with 91% and 92% of folks nationwide consuming milk and cheese, according to a 2019 U.S. Department of Agriculture funded report compiled by Atlantic Corporation....
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Oct. 11 2021
Growers know how important silage inoculants are to the fermentation process. But how important is the process of creating the inoculant to the effectiveness of the inoculant?
Sept. 20 2021
We analyzed the maternity workflow and here are our suggestions for making newborn care less labor intensive