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July 2 2020
There’s a growing amount of evidence that demonstrates the importance of identifying sick calves more accurately and earlier in the course of bovine respiratory disease (BRD)
April 27 2020
I’ve spent my career helping dairy producers manage healthy cows to efficiently make a lot of high-quality milk. Now we’re frantically learning how to reduce milk flow from dairies
April 6 2020
Mastitis is the visible signs in the cow, such as a swollen, red udder and abnormal milk, aren’t actually the mastitis infection; it’s the inflammation, or the body’s response to infection
March 18 2020
Cows don’t always show clinical signs that they are ill. But with sensor technology these cows are spotted early, to give them the attention they need
Dec. 9 2019
“Dairymen are typically wired differently than the average person. Solving challenges is what we enjoy doing the most. We’re made to be problem-solvers,” says Dante Migliazzo
Nov. 11 2019
“Dairymen are typically wired differently than the average person. Solving challenges is what we enjoy doing the most. We’re made to be problem-solvers,” says Dante Migliazzo
Oct. 30 2019
A well-established routine doesn’t always mean doing the same thing at the same time, every day. In fact, routines in a robotic barn are often anything but “routine.”
Oct. 14 2019
The modern dairy cow is a model of remarkable productive efficiency. In high-producing dairy herds with annual average milk production levels in excess of 15,000 kilograms per cow
Sept. 16 2019
World Dairy Expo is right around the corner, and there is no one who knows the show better than the staff who organizes it. So, we thought we’d offer you some insight from the Expo experts
Sept. 3 2019
By just a 5% decrease in ketosis, you could save thousands of dollars per year
Aug. 5 2019
World Dairy Expo 2019 is just around the corner and soon attendees and exhibitors will be collecting ‘Tools for Dairy’s Progress’ during the annual event
July 15 2019
Most dairy producers understand that healthy, efficient cows generate the greatest returns. With feed attributing to nearly 70% of total production costs, constant effort and creativity are required
NV_MgmtTip_Benefits of AMs_IMAGE
July 1 2019
Dairy farming is a job like no other. You are your own boss, working in an industry you care about
May 27 2019
Today’s milking technology provides numerous data points for dairies to use in their day-to-day routines and management decisions
May 20 2019
You might be using tail paint, also known as tail chalk, in your breeding program for several reasons. “It’s cheap.” “It’s what my neighbors do.”
May 6 2019
Activity monitors know cows’ estrous cycles with 24/7 monitoring Less time. Less labor. And more bred cows. Does it sound too good to be true?
April 29 2019
As cases of Klebsiella mastitis have increased in dairy operations across the U.S., so have efforts to reduce the prevalence of this widespread environmental pathogen
April 22 2019
Few articles tell you the common mistakes that hurt your footbath program. These are the top four pitfalls people run into
April 10 2019
Mastitis is one of the most common and costly diseases impacting profits and herd health in the dairy industry
Dec. 17 2018
Anyone who dairy farms knows raising calves is a big investment. Feed and labor costs are high, and it can take more than two years before a calf starts contributing to the bulk tank as a cow