May 27 2024 11:14 AM

    Sponsored content created by Stephanie De Vries, VAS farm performance consultant

    Every year, companies introduce new tools and herd management solutions to make the lives of dairy farmers easier. These advancements are designed to complement your current management practices while streamlining tasks to put more time back into your day.

    While you may already use herd management software, there is always room for improvement, even for the most efficient dairies.

    Evaluate your current protocols and explore how new tools within your herd management system fit into and enhance your dairy’s everyday tasks.

    Easy identification

    To take advantage of all the tools available to you through your herd management software, electronic identification (EID) is a must. Although they can be a significant investment, EIDs provide an opportunity to use mobile herd management, like the VAS Pocket CowCard and an RFID reader (wand), to improve your workflow.

    Two areas where you can find efficiencies are herd checks and breedings. These tasks often take two to three passes through a pen and extra time to enter information after completion. By pairing an RFID reader with a herd management solution, you can make vet checks, breedings, and worklists easier, faster, and more accurate thanks to instant animal identification. Additionally, this technology saves time by removing the need to write information on paper and take it back to the office for input.

    The gift of time

    Time is a precious resource. Using mobile herd management tools can help you save time and create efficiencies on your farm.

    Rapid cowside data entry eliminates the need to spend additional time in the office entering data. No more flipping through papers, hand-writing information and manually entering data into your software.

    Mobile capabilities allow for a single-entry process and quick access at any time. These capabilities enable you to make decisions instantly, saving you and your team time.

    Take it to the next level

    As technology evolves, so do herd management solutions. Continue maximizing your efficiency by proactively exploring your herd management partner’s newest tools and features. Ask them what functionalities you should be utilizing to optimize your operation further.

    VAS software provides a variety of powerful tools designed to make your life easier. However, realizing their full potential requires two essential steps: awareness and utilization. Familiarize yourself with the tools available and actively incorporate them into your daily routine to maximize the benefits.

    Set up tailored protocols within DairyComp or MyDC on PULSE to ensure accurate data is collected on your dairy. Quickly generate lists and reports using the wealth of data captured daily, empowering informed decision-making and strategic planning.

    Also, set alerts notifying you when key performance indicators deviate from your pre-set thresholds. You and your team members get notified immediately when problems arise and can react in real-time to any potential herd issues.

    Your ability to efficiently manage your herd extends beyond your primary management program. The PULSE Platform seamlessly integrates data from top industry partners, from activity monitors to milk plant data, creating a single source of truth for data across your dairy operation.

    Get more

    To gain efficiency, start by asking your herd management partner where you can make improvements. Take advantage of your support team to discuss the tools and reports available with your subscription to keep enhancing your herd management.

    Get more time back in your day to focus on what matters most by using all the herd management features available to you. Contact your local farm performance consultant or the VAS support team to learn more about the tools available through DairyComp and MyDC on PULSE and how they can make your life easier.

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