June 2 2023
It’s the most wonderful month of the year!
June 1 2023
As we now move into June, I couldn’t let us move too far on from May — National Mental Health Awareness month — without talking about mental health
May 30 2023
The dairy checkoff is hoping consumers will be thirsty for a glass of milk after watching social media content depicting several ways milk remains a tried-and-true complement to a peanut butter sandwich,...
May 29 2023
There is no doubt that dairy judging can be stressful
May 29 2023
Heat abatement tips to help keep your cows cool
May 26 2023
Between an impending visit from the inspector, Mother’s Day passing us by, and some upcoming events we want to have the farm in top shape for, we’ve been taking any chance we get to do extra...
May 24 2023
Stress is part of life, and in some ways, it can motivate us to do better and be better
May 23 2023
What is it about farm kids and mud puddles? They’re like moths to a flame!
May 22 2023
It seems crazy how a four-legged animal can determine the direction of your life
May 19 2023
Feed accounts for 40% to 70% of most dairy farms’ production costs. So, how can you ensure you’re making your feed work efficiently? One easy way is using a feed management system to monitor...
May 19 2023
I took a walk out to our calf hutches last week to begin summer preparations to that area of our farm
May 18 2023
Let’s talk about first-calf heifers, or, as I like to call them, first-calf velociraptors
May 16 2023
For the 93rd year, our office flooded with mail from around the country as dairy farmers, youth, companies, and enthusiasts sent in their placings in our annual Cow Judging Contest
May 15 2023
One of the reasons I love hanging out with people in the agricultural community, especially dairy farmers, is because it is so easy to start a conversation about all the classic debates
May 15 2023
Choosing an animal monitoring system can be tricky with so many options. Knowing what to look for can help you find a solution that makes daily herd management easier – and boosts your efficiency
May 12 2023
I know they are a weed, but I still think dandelions are pretty
May 11 2023
With spring upon us, everyone is moving at a heightened speed to get each field prepped and planted
May 10 2023
When we started milking in our robotic milking facility, we were fetching cows that hadn’t come up to milk on their own seven to eight times per day
May 9 2023
Who could have predicted that playing video games would become a global billion-dollar industry? And yet, here we are
May 8 2023
Understanding how to control flies on livestock begins with understanding the pest’s life cycle. House flies move from animal to animal, causing irritation and spreading diseases. Controlling house...