Oct. 4 2017
The annual Trade Show Exhibitor Party hosted by World Dairy Expo was a place to relax and socialize
Oct. 3 2017
They say practice makes perfect. While it may not always be perfect, it is the best way to improve your skills
Oct. 3 2017
Hoard's Dairyman Art Director Ryan Ebert captures the sights and sounds of World Dairy Expo on Thursday, October 3, 2017
Oct. 3 2017
National 4-H Dairy Cattle Judging Contest High Individuals
Oct. 3 2017
High Post-Secondary Dairy Cattle Judging Contest High Teams at World Dairy Expo
Oct. 3 2017
They come from all across the country, but they find common ground in dairy
Oct. 3 2017
South Dakota State University’s mascot is the jackrabbit, and Kirby Krogstad hopped to the front of the 65-person collegiate pack to be named High Individual
Oct. 3 2017
With an average score of 47.2 points on the day, Crothers topped the contest and paced the high team
Oct. 2 2017
National Collegiate Dairy Judging Contest Winning Teams from World Dairy Expo
Oct. 2 2017
National 4-H Dairy Judging Champion Team winners from World Dairy Expo's contest
Oct. 2 2017
Judging team members and their coaches arrived at the Hoard’s Dairyman Farm on Sunday to judge three classes of cows: two Guernsey classes (milking yearlings and 3-year-olds) and a Jersey 2-yr olds
Sept. 29 2017
Earlier this month, I flew to Oregon to milk cows while my dad had surgery. I had instructions and milked with him from start to finish for three days prior to his departure
Sept. 28 2017
The use of tile drainage varies across the Midwest
Sept. 27 2017
‘Tis the season for sleepless nights, stress, and quality corn silage
Sept. 26 2017
We live in an age of instant answers. Instead of wondering, we’re searching
Sept. 25 2017
The anticipation, joy, excitement, and laughs we have shared over the years on these walks to the World Dairy Expo showring are worth more than the ribbons to me
Sept. 22 2017
Wisconsin 4-H, Michigan State Ag Tech, Ohio State University, and Pennsylvania FFA each won their respective divisions at the All-American Dairy Judging Contest in Harrisburg, Penn
Sept. 21 2017
After it was all said and done, our farm didn’t experience too much serious damage from Hurricane Irma. We were blessed that there wasn’t too much damage
Sept. 20 2017
There are a lot of things robots can do better and more consistently than humans, but there are still some aspects of the dairy that require a human touch
Sept. 18 2017
Students interested in dairy and journalism are encouraged to apply for the 2018 Hoard’s Dairyman editorial internship