Feb. 28 2020
When we look at the two communications platforms of websites and social media, we need to see them as separate entities instead of an “either/or” option. There is a reason that most businesses...
Feb. 27 2020
A few years ago, I purchased a cattle shed for my kids. We call it "Grandpa Bob's shed," as I used some of my inheritance money to purchase it
Feb. 26 2020
I’m just going to say it, we have to stop playing the victim. Do I love agriculture? Yes. Do I lose my temper when someone makes a disparaging comment? Yes
Feb. 25 2020
In dairy’s labor availability crisis, many farms have focused on doing a great job of training whether they are hiring someone with limited or extensive experience
Feb. 24 2020
Urbanization is a tricky subject. It affects each state, region, county, and town differently, and there are certainly benefits to expanding our communities
Feb. 21 2020
I absolutely love my school and wouldn’t trade it for the world, but I want to bring up a topic that sometimes gets swept under the rug. Personally, I have many friends and peers at home, in my family,...
Feb. 20 2020
We have been milking with robots for three months now. The months of construction as well as the retraining of cows were both stressful and labor intensive
Feb. 19 2020
A few months ago, I had the bright idea that it would be great to start my kids showing cattle and invite their friends to do the same. I thought, “Hey! We can house them and all work with them together!”
Feb. 18 2020
There are lots of times that it has been hard to think of the future of the dairy industry with optimism. Especially after the challenges of the last few years
Feb. 17 2020
Michael Steele, University of Guelph, presented “Nutritional regulation of gut function in calves: colostrum and milk.” He shared the details about rearing newborn calves, and why those processes...
Feb. 14 2020
Most farmers are passionate about their animals and the food they produce. Some farms turn that passion into a business, selling products directly to consumers. To stand out among the crowd, it
Feb. 13 2020
I get it; I really do. My husband and I are super frugal, and some actually might call us cheap, so the idea of spending extra money on flowers or candy just because the calendar tells us to is something...
Feb. 12 2020
Last Sunday, Joaquin Phoenix used his fame to denounce dairy farming to millions of people. If I’m being completely honest, I’m a little impressed that he was able to slip the phrase “artificial...
Feb. 11 2020
Last year, I read a post from Jennifer (@albertafarmlife) on Twitter that made me laugh. It said, “I love the ‘farmhouse’ décor trend. I do. It’s cute. But who do they think...
Feb. 10 2020
Ten years ago, or even just five, it’s likely safe to guess that not many people thought about food on the cellular level. If they did, it was probably not about using cells to create entirely new...
Feb. 7 2020
This past week in one of my English classes, the concept of thank-you notes was brought up in reference to what some choose to do after an interview as they aim to leave a positive, lasting impression
Feb. 6 2020
We’ve survived the month of January and made it to February. What is it about that first month of the year that makes it just seem to drag on? There really does seem to be 734 days in January
Feb. 5 2020
It’s that time of year again: YDLI Graduation! It’s a long, strenuous journey, but it is worth every minute of it
Feb. 3 2020
Just because it is on the internet or television does not mean it is factual
Jan. 31 2020
My job with the dairy checkoff is to study everything that is going on outside of the dairy industry. While that may seem like somewhat of a disconnected way to work on the dairy farmers’ behalf,...