May 13 2021
I was once told by a vet, “The scours didn't kill your calf, you did.” I was completely appalled at the fact that he had just accused me of letting my calf die
May 12 2021
In my current position as a veterinarian working for a dairy cooperative, I often get questions from the general public during farm tours or through social media and our consumer hotline
May 11 2021
It seems that agriculture has become the scapegoat for all the world’s problems
May 10 2021
Human beings are complex, and that means our interactions are, too
May 10 2021
Second in a two-part series. Read part one here. In our first article, we described the value of harvesting a plant with a full “gas tank,” or one with readily available root carbohydrates...
May 7 2021
I’ve been struggling with my impending college graduation, and I don’t think I’m alone in that. The last year has been hard on all of us
May 6 2021
Earlier this spring my son, a junior in high school, started a new job on a farm not too far from our home
May 5 2021
Every romantic comedy ever proves just how easy it is to find your true love
May 4 2021
I’ve been reading the book “Grit” by Angela Duckworth. She defines grit as passion and perseverance for long-term goals
May 3 2021
Microbial and non-microbial factors often cause udder tissue stress. When this happens, it results in a loss of tissue functionality and productivity
April 30 2021
It’s dairy banquet season, at least in Iowa. It’s the season where dairy producers and supporters come together to honor outstanding farming families, recognize friends of the industry
April 28 2021
Assembling an “A-Team” roster and not just people on your payroll is easier than most think
April 26 2021
Many of us who grew up on a farm or raised kids on a farm often say that it’s one of the best childhoods there is
April 26 2021
Feed prices have increased substantially in recent months. Further complicating the cost situation, the winter storm that blew through Texas froze water pipes and natural gas lines, which created a short-term...
April 23 2021
Each year that I’ve been an undergraduate student at Cornell, my Sigma Alpha chapter has put on an event that we like to call “The Art of Agriculture.”
April 22 2021
This has been a disappointing week in my little corner of the world
April 21 2021
I didn’t grow up wanting to be a farmer. I resented being the farm kid. I couldn’t go to friend’s houses after school because there were calves to feed
April 19 2021
If you use social media to promote your farm, are you making yourself a target for activists?
April 19 2021
As a dairy farmer, you know when your farm is hitting on all cylinders: your herd is healthy and the cows are thriving and productive. Of course, you also know when something is misfiring
April 16 2021
When I was 8 years old, a tiny, premature calf was born that I absolutely fell in love with. Her body was somewhat average in size, but her legs were short and stubby