Nov. 2 2023
“One more round” is what I kept telling myself all week last week as we were finishing our final cutting of hay
Nov. 2 2023
Replacement heifers are one of your most valuable assets on a dairy farm. They are the future of the milking herd and ultimately determine the longevity of your entire herd and business
Oct. 27 2023
Having data does not necessarily translate into value. The real value comes from transforming individual data points into insights through context and connections
Oct. 26 2023
Sprouting cover crops and newborn calves remind us that the lifecycle continues year-round on the farm
Oct. 26 2023
Building trust with students and food service leaders helps secure dairy’s place on school menus
Oct. 25 2023
It wasn’t until I moved to Wisconsin following college that I truly understood what it meant to try to farm in a place where winter seems to last from November to May
Oct. 24 2023
My niece stopped by for a school project last week. They were talking about “big digit problems” in math and looking at real-life examples where lots of numbers come into play
Oct. 20 2023
This week, the U.S. dairy community took advantage of an opportunity it hadn’t had in three decades when the International Dairy Federation’s (IDF) World Dairy Summit was held on American soil
Oct. 19 2023
There are a multitude of feed additives in the market for use in ruminant rations, but with the unique challenges faced by individual farms, a standard line product may not always be the best fit
Oct. 19 2023
Does anyone else have random things happen to your cows? Instead of the typical pneumonia, twisted stomach, or lameness, you have cows that just pop up with random illnesses or put themselves in places...
Oct. 18 2023
Guys, it’s October. Which basically means it’s Christmas, right? Do you know one of my favorite things about Christmas? I mean besides family being together, Christmas cookies, the music, and...
Oct. 17 2023
Early in my career, a new employer asked me to take a personality test as part of my onboarding. I was an engineer, and I felt strongly that I was not meant for sales
Oct. 16 2023
Several years ago, Tony Louters was on a hunt. The Merced, California, dairyman wanted more information on his milking cows in order to improve reproductive protocols and, more importantly, health. The...
Oct. 12 2023
While I had planned to write about a different topic this week, I decided I had to share a comical moment from my day instead
Oct. 11 2023
Responsible production has been a generations-long commitment made by our nation’s dairy farm families
Oct. 10 2023
Aside from trips to the parlor and constant body maintenance, cows must be ready to play defense against tough competitors like mastitis
Oct. 6 2023
The Holstein Grand Champion was Supreme Champion at World Dairy Expo
Oct. 6 2023
The World Dairy Expo Coliseum heard a roar of applause and cheers as the pair of Aged Cows topped the International Holstein Show
Oct. 6 2023
The red carpet was rolled out for World Dairy Expo’s most prestigious sale this year as the World Classic moved from its traditional showring location to The Tanbark
Oct. 6 2023
Savannah Crack became the first Canadian to win the Merle Howard Award