Jan. 7 2022
So far this winter, I’ve been donning a cozy knitted headband and the messiest of buns daily. Luckily for my ego, my main companions (our cows) seem to experience their own horrid hair days as well
Jan. 6 2022
Make it your goal this year to spend some time advocating for agriculture
Jan. 4 2022
Setting priorities for the new year ahead can help our businesses be more intentional and effective
Jan. 3 2022
Initiating difficult conversations and skillful negotiations takes practice and finesse
Dec. 17 2021
As college students try to focus on final exams, they are missing their families and time spent celebrating the holidays
Dec. 16 2021
Hollywood could be the missing link for the agriculture industry to reach bigger audiences
Dec. 15 2021
Life isn’t always simple and perfect, but that’s what makes it valuable
Dec. 14 2021
This past weekend, my children had an appointment to see Santa at the local mall. I was pretty proud of myself for getting the appointment in advance so that we could avoid the torture
Dec. 13 2021
If you have any questions about the dairy checkoff, there are ways to reach out at the local and national levels
Dec. 10 2021
With fall field work behind us and cooler temperatures rolling in, we’ve been busy winterizing our dairy farm
Dec. 9 2021
Our farm crew has gone from mostly men to mostly women, and each gender has brought with it a different skillset
Dec. 7 2021
It will be a long rebuilding process for farms and communities that were impacted
Dec. 6 2021
There are many ways to incorporate dairy into the holiday season – make it part of your annual traditions
Dec. 3 2021
My study abroad to Costa Rica showed me how agriculture in another country can differ but still be just as efficient or even more so
Dec. 1 2021
Fighting online comment wars will not change perceptions of agriculture
Nov. 30 2021
Backlogged shipping means we have more reason than ever to support local farmers and businesses
Nov. 29 2021
Holiday celebrations serve as a reminder of our purpose
Nov. 26 2021
When you farm full time, having a buddy that doubles as entertainment is a must. I’m an animal lover to the core, and farm dogs have a special place in my heart
Nov. 24 2021
There is a lot that the public may not realize about the dairy farmers behind their food products
Nov. 22 2021
Agricultural technologies must be shared with consumers willingly for them to include them in their diet