April 30 2018
Last week, I had a very early morning flight from the West Coast to the Midwest. I would be on the flight for four hours followed by an immediate three and a half hour shuttle ride
April 27 2018
Writing a résumé was one of the most challenging projects I worked on during my college and high school career
April 26 2018
The struggle is real. Despite living in the hometown of John Deere and being surrounded by acres of corn, my three children are the only farm kids in their school
April 25 2018
Every dairy farmer is striving for the same thing: the prefect cow. She milks better than any other cow and her components are 5 percent fat and 4 percent protein. She’s obviously pretty
April 24 2018
No bending. No squatting. No heavy lifting
April 23 2018
A typical stroll down the grocery store aisle exposes the shopper to almost 40,000 different products
April 20 2018
Growing up on my family’s dairy farm, more than once I had the opportunity to give a slippery, wet newborn calf its very first meal
April 19 2018
Caitlin and I have been writing our “Daddy and Daughter Dairy Together” blogs for Hoard’s for a while now
April 18 2018
The first rule of the Margin Protection Program for Dairy or MPP-Dairy is that you cannot count on it to save you
April 17 2018
This past week we had the privilege of hosting 80 middle school students to our farm for a tour
April 16 2018
“There’s a new calf killer in town” was the title of the April 2018 Hoard’s Dairyman webinar
April 13 2018
Earlier this week, I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Agriculture Future of America (AFA) Animal Institute
April 12 2018
Oh Jordy! You have captured the hearts of us all, even though you (unsuccessfully) try to take on our beloved barn cat, Shakira
April 11 2018
I don’t actually know how to fix the dairy industry. I know that it will be a multistep process
April 10 2018
Employee turnover is top of mind for many farmers as labor continues to be a hot topic in the dairy industry
April 9 2018
Instagram is a great platform to use to connect directly with consumers
April 6 2018
I awoke with a feeling of anticipation mixed with distress. As a girl of 4 years old, taking naps was simply a necessity, but I was not about to sleep through the most exciting part of my day
April 5 2018
People have the perspective that dairy farmers have no life. That they work sunup to sundown, and that they eat, sleep, and breathe farming
April 4 2018
California, Oregon, and Idaho have set their state maximum somatic cell count standards at 500,000 or less, well below than the national level of 750,000
April 3 2018
At a recent meeting, I got into a great discussion with some industry members, both producers and supporters, about gene editing