June 20 2023
I’ve been in a weird situation lately where I want to do more than I can
June 19 2023
I have had the unique privilege of being able to raise and show both beef and dairy cattle
June 19 2023
“Just because something is common doesn’t mean it is normal.” While transition health events are common in dairy cattle today, it doesn’t mean that this must be our normal in the...
June 16 2023
Continuing education comes in many forms. Some students looking to pursue post-high school training in dairy production choose a technical college degree
June 15 2023
As dairy farmers, our life is lead wide open each and every day
June 14 2023
Did you know that milk is the most frequently requested food at food banks but, because of its perishability, is the least donated?
June 13 2023
Overseeing and coordinating multiple construction crews has its challenges. A few months ago, I was leading a project that required concrete to be poured
June 12 2023
Creating a cattle sale through a collegiate student organization is no easy task. This was my exact thought when some of my classmates wanted to start a dairy cattle sale at Virginia Tech
June 9 2023
Labor availability has been an issue for years throughout the dairy community. The work is hard and stressful, and working conditions can be hot and cold
June 8 2023
School’s out, and June Dairy Month is upon us as we celebrate all things dairy
June 8 2023
When fly infestations are left untreated, they can cause significant harm to your livestock. Flies have the ability to transmit diseases, reduce weight gains among animals, and cause severe irritation
June 7 2023
One of the most interesting ways we at Hoard’s Dairyman are able to connect with our readers and the dairy community is when we receive visitors at our farm, which sits just outside of Fort Atkinson...
June 6 2023
In case you haven’t heard or remembered by now, it’s June Dairy Month!
June 5 2023
During my reign as the 2022 Virginia Dairy Princess, I was asked a particularly interesting question, “What do you think cows would say if they could talk?”
June 5 2023
Here are three things you can do to increase animal identification (ID) accuracy and data precision on your dairy
June 2 2023
It’s the most wonderful month of the year!
June 1 2023
As we now move into June, I couldn’t let us move too far on from May — National Mental Health Awareness month — without talking about mental health
May 30 2023
The dairy checkoff is hoping consumers will be thirsty for a glass of milk after watching social media content depicting several ways milk remains a tried-and-true complement to a peanut butter sandwich,...
May 29 2023
There is no doubt that dairy judging can be stressful
May 29 2023
Heat abatement tips to help keep your cows cool