March 5 2018
Each spring baseball players and prospects display their skills in the hopes of making a major league roster
March 2 2018
Holstein USA’s Holstein America series showcases the passion dairy farmers have for their Holstein cattle
March 1 2018
So here is saluting you, Robert Morris Davidson, a man who I am blessed and honored to call both my father and my life coach. Today, we celebrate you by moving heifers as a family unit and coming inside...
Feb. 28 2018
We all know that February through April is widely known as meeting season for most farmers. The business of the holiday season is over, but we’re not yet able to get in the fields
Feb. 27 2018
A couple years ago, after we realized that the Margin Protection Program for Dairy (MPP-Dairy) wasn’t going to offer us any meaningful protection, we created our own self-funded insura
Feb. 26 2018
This is the 25th year that the National Mastitis Council’s National Dairy Quality Awards program has been recognizing the very best milk quality producing herds in the United States
Feb. 23 2018
The annual cow judging contest has commenced. Have your entries in by Thursday, March 22, 2018
Feb. 22 2018
You never know when you will have a chance to spread dairy’s positive message. We need to let the consumer meet their farmer
Feb. 21 2018
This homework may include you spending a little money on blood samples or feed samples, but spending a little money now before spending a lot of money later may actually save you money and time in the...
Feb. 20 2018
There’s no shame in taking a mental health day to get away from the daily stress of dairying
Feb. 19 2018
Nina Teicholz presented the Hoard's Dairyman webinar, "Animal fats: separating fact from fiction."
Feb. 16 2018
It’s definitely a generational issue. As dairy farms all over the country transition from one generation to the next, there can be a lot of different issues that need to be resolved
Feb. 15 2018
It has been bitterly cold here in East Moline, Ill. As I write this blog, we are subzero with more than a foot of snow on the ground
Feb. 14 2018
Even at a very early age, Bert Stewart was a consummate student — he studied those who did well at their trade
Feb. 13 2018
I got my Valentine’s Day gift from my hubby early this year. It’s not chocolate. Or flowers. Or jewelry. It’s cheese. My most favorite cheese . . . the one I savor, nibble by nibble
Feb. 12 2018
A dairy farmer at a recent conference told me, "I hear all the time that we need to tell our story so our consumers can understand what life is like on the farm
Feb. 9 2018
With the momentum of the Winter Olympics, advertisements promoting milk are featured with athletes and how milk fuels their passion
Feb. 8 2018
Farmers must be cautious when adding new members to their staff
Feb. 7 2018
A great employer learns to speak the language of their employees
Feb. 6 2018
A legislative tour can shed light on farm issues for members of the legislature