Feb. 23 2023
Does it ever irk anyone else when someone says, “You’re too young to be tired”?
Feb. 22 2023
Pennsylvania dairy farmers dressed their calves to promote dairy
Feb. 21 2023
Dr. George Heersche taught us that details matter to the health of the whole.
Feb. 20 2023
Whether it is maximizing production, maintaining herd health, or controlling cost, feeding high quality forage is a key component. There have been significant technological advances in how producers g
Feb. 17 2023
Maintaining hoof health is a continuous goal on our dairy, and regular trimming helps us achieve this
Feb. 16 2023
For the past few weeks, we have been keeping our eye on one amazing cow that has far exceeded our production expectations
Feb. 15 2023
Backyard hobbyist farmers often become the best advocates for full-time farmers. That’s because these new entrants into animal agriculture or gardening circles often learn these farming realities...
Feb. 14 2023
Valentine’s Day can look different for farmers, but we still have so much to appreciate
Feb. 13 2023
Producers are keenly aware of the current economic return from producing more milk fat. Cash for milk fat yield, however, is still about half the value of the price of milk
Feb. 13 2023
Promotional efforts supported by the national dairy checkoff earned two awards at a recent marketing competition
Feb. 10 2023
It’s important to share your perspective on the issues that matter to you with those elected to serve you
Feb. 9 2023
Our cows have personalities that make working with them more interesting and only occasionally more difficult
Feb. 8 2023
Depression is a complex set of emotions, and understanding those feelings can help you support others
Feb. 7 2023
Sometimes the numbers tell a different story than what we tell ourselves
Feb. 6 2023
The pizza experience in some countries can seem like a world away from what Americans are accustomed to, but the dairy checkoff sees an untapped opportunity for cheese to unite the global palate
Feb. 6 2023
Traveling and learning about global agriculture helps me to be a stronger agricultural advocate
Feb. 3 2023
As the days start to get just a little bit longer, it has me longing for the warmer days to come
Feb. 1 2023
Certain parts of the country need more training and technicians to keep up with the number of robotic milking systems that are being installed
Jan. 30 2023
One element of farm profitability is generating more revenue from the possessions you already own
Jan. 26 2023
One cow on our farm holds a particularly special place in my heart