Aug. 28 2017
Two-year programs that offer agriculture or dairy related curriculum can be found on the Hoard’s Dairyman online youth page
Aug. 25 2017
John Behling grew up on a dairy farm in Northwest Wisconsin, graduated from the University of Wisconsin­-River Falls with an economics degree, and later earned his law degree from the University of...
Aug. 24 2017
We started chopping our corn silage July 20 this year and finished chopping August 18. It has definitely been one of the longest silage seasons I have ever encountered. We planted a good bit more corn
Aug. 22 2017
We got to observe the wonder of the eclipse from the comfort of our farm.
Aug. 21 2017
Calf care is very important on a dairy operation and developing a health protocol for this group of cattle is key for success.
Aug. 18 2017
The August webinar focused on dry matter intake in four management groups: lactating cows, dry cows, growing heifers, and preweaned calves
Aug. 17 2017
It’s not hard to persuade someone when you are face-to-face with them. They can see your smile, eyes, and body language, which gives them clues on whether or not they should trust you
Aug. 16 2017
Roughly twice a year our cows get scored based on how they look and last week was our turn
Aug. 15 2017
“We need more farmers, not fewer.” That was one of the comments made two weeks ago at the Farm Bill Listening Session held by the United States House Agriculture Committee at Farm Fest in...
Aug. 14 2017
You’ve made it through the spring and summer shows with this year’s show string. Whether you are going to more shows in the coming months or not, you’ve got a lot to be proud of
Aug. 11 2017
In four of the past five years, Hoard’s Dairyman has captured the top webinar award from the American Agricultural Editor’s Association (AAEA)
Aug. 10 2017
We recently had the opportunity to share our farm with the public on the “Georgia Farm Monitor” television show that appears on RFDtv
Aug. 9 2017
Cows may not use words to communicate but they sure know how to get their point across; and if you listen, they will tell you how to improve your margins
Aug. 8 2017
“So, how did it feel marrying into a farm family?” is a question I often get asked as a young female dairy farmer
Aug. 7 2017
I’ve always been proud of where I came from. Growing up on a farm is a unique experience that not every child gets the opportunity to have
Aug. 4 2017
Our office gets calls and emails throughout the year from people asking about showmanship rules and looking for resource material
Aug. 3 2017
We have some construction work going on at the farm, and a driver came out not long ago to deliver new pipes. He obviously was on a dairy for the first time
Aug. 2 2017
We can be brave. We can tell our side of the story despite the opposition they will inevitably throw at us
Aug. 1 2017
With each county fair, with each 4-H project, there are lessons learned . . . both for my children and for me
July 31 2017
How many hours a day are your cows not in their home pen? Taking a closer look into your milking herd’s daily schedule is an important management step