Nov. 8 2022
I hope showing cattle will always provide youth with the opportunities it did for me
Nov. 7 2022
Whole cottonseed is a valuable dietary supplement for ruminants because of the balanced combination of fat, protein, and fiber.1 Cottonseed is grown in the South and transported via barge, rail or truck...
Nov. 7 2022
From people to cows, no one likes to be overcrowded, so the goal is to put up facilities that will meet today and tomorrow’s needs
Nov. 4 2022
Winners were named in the 2022 National FFA Dairy Evaluation and Management CDE
Nov. 3 2022
Agriculture has found many “better ways” in the last century
Nov. 2 2022
In one summer, my brother went from farmer to rocket scientist
Nov. 1 2022
Labor costs more than just money on a farm. That can be positive while also challenging
Oct. 31 2022
If you bed with recycled sand or are thinking about it, you’re in good company. A study in 2014 by the National Animal Health Monitoring System estimated 26% of U.S. dairy operations use sand beddin
Oct. 31 2022
It can be so easy to get wrapped up caring for the “problem cows,” but our average animals also deserve attention and some true appreciation
Oct. 27 2022
The first tractor that ever worked the land on our farm is at the core of many of my grandpa’s stories
Oct. 26 2022
Farmers have complex jobs that make rest difficult even when we have to
Oct. 25 2022
No day in farming is easy, but each is special when we keep our eyes open
Oct. 24 2022
Over the last few years, raising dairy-beef crossbred calves has become a common production practice for dairy producers across the country. Breeding dairy cows to beef sires has allowed producers to
Oct. 24 2022
The world of ag creates more learning opportunities and times of growth than anywhere else
Oct. 20 2022
Sharing their knowledge and experience cultivates dairy advocates
Oct. 19 2022
Students are an important part of telling our agriculture story
Oct. 18 2022
Getting out of our bubble gives us valuable perspective
Oct. 17 2022
Who could possibly resist the cuteness of a newborn Holstein calf? How about a sweet and silly Jersey cow named SnoBall who is frequently caught on camera licking people? One sixth and seventh generat
Oct. 17 2022
If your local store is low on dairy products, take the time to say something – they may thank you
Oct. 14 2022
Thanks to some extra care and attention, a premature calf recently born on our farm is doing well