The Merle Howard Award given to the show's top junior exhibitor. The award is given in honor of the 1954 Klussendorf winner Merle Howard. Howard was a long-time World Dairy Expo volunteer, who also served as herd manager for Mooseheart Farms, as Holstein classifier, and later in the sales and export business. He was on the first board of directors of National Dairy Shrine and is only one of six people to have won its 4-E Award for outstanding service.
Past Merle Howard Award winners:
At left Kyle Barton-2018 winner, Tom Morris, Merle Howard Award Committee, then the 2004 through the 2017 winner, with the exception of Jared Dueppengiesser in 2015.

Here are the past winners of the Merle Howard Award:
2018: Kyle Barton
2017: Dawson Nickels
2016: Doug Boop, PA
2015: Jared Dueppengiesser
2014: Jade Jensen, MO
2013: Cassy Krull, WI
2012: Cy Conard, NY
2011: Karen Anderson, MN
2010: Stephanie Aves, IL
2009: Kyle Natzke, WI
2008: Kelly Lee, WI
2007: Brandon Ferry, WI
2006: Greta Koebel, MI
2005: Matt Mitchell, TN
2004: Robert Teixeira, CA