July 5 2022
We brought back the beloved Gopher Dairy Camp for the summer of 2022, and I couldn’t be happier with how it went
June 6 2022
Dairy farmers today have dramatically different scales of production, technological capabilities, and global pressures than they did generations ago
May 6 2022
The Wisconsin Farm Discovery Center was the site of a graduation celebration for the dairy management program at Lakeshore Technical College
May 2 2022
When in-person youth events were canceled, a new youth dairy competition called the North American Dairy Educational Experience was developed
April 26 2022
A farming legacy is honorable and desirable but not without challenges
April 25 2022
I watched my first state dairy bowl contest in 1982 – just two years after the contest debuted on the national level. I was instantly engaged
April 18 2022
Young readers will soak up modern dairy farming in this new children’s book
April 7 2022
Taking our time is necessary on the farm but also teaches valuable lessons
April 4 2022
The identities of the cows, official placings, and winners will be announced in the next three issues of Hoard’s Dairyman
March 22 2022
Farming requires commitment and passion like few other careers do
March 7 2022
Celebrate the role dairy plays in childhood nutrition during National School Breakfast Week
Feb. 24 2022
National FFA week celebrates the impact of agricultural education, and you can make a difference in that mission
Feb. 14 2022
Small things can have a big meaning for those we care about