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DairyLivestream January 11, 2023: New Congress, new legislation with Barbara Patterson (Vice President of Government Affairs, Torrey Advisory Group), Dave Carlin (Senior Vice President of Legislative Affairs and Economic Policy, International Dairy Foods Association), Charlie Garrison (Executive Director, The Garrison Group), and Andy Novakovic

DairyLivestream December 14, 2022: The fuel, feed, and fertilizer forecast with Gary Schnitkey (farm management specialist, University of Illinois Extension), Joe Lawrence (dairy forage systems specialist, Cornell Pro-Dairy), Steve Martin (founder, DNMCmilk), and Chris Wolf

DairyLivestream October 12, 2022: Will dairy have a social license to produce milk? with Steve James (Executive Director, California Milk Processor Board), Jordan Clark (Senior Strategic Sourcing Director for Dairy, Albertsons Companies), Mary Kraft (owner, Badger Creek Dairy and Quail Ridge Dairy), and Chris Wolf

DairyLivestream September 14, 2022: Can U.S. dairy exports keep growing? with Megan Sheets (Senior Director of Strategic Development and Strategic Insights, U.S. Dairy Export Council), Patti Smith (CEO, DairyAmerica), Robert Chesler (CEO, United Dairymen of Arizona), and Chris Wolf

DairyLivestream August 31, 2022: Can we get milk to markets?with Jeff Sims (Chief Market Analysis Officer, Lone Star Milk Producers), Corey Gillens (Chief Operating Officer, Dairy Farmers of America Mountain Area Council), Roger Nordtvedt (retired dairy transportation and logistics specialist), and Mark Stephenson

DairyLivestream July 20, 2022: Where will inflation and interest rates take dairy? with Tanner Ehmke (Lead Economist for dairy and specialty crops, CoBank), Skip Hardie (Owner, Walnut Ridge Dairy and Hardie Farms), Nate Donnay (Director of Dairy Market Insight, StoneX Group), and Andy Novakovic

DairyLivestream June 15, 2022: Let's talk Federal Order fixes with Roger Cryan (Chief Economist, American Farm Bureau Federation), Mike Brown (Dairy Supply Chain Director, Kroger Co.), Mark Stephenson, and Andy Novakovic

DairyLivestream May 18, 2022: Can dairy product exports power through port problems? with Andrew Hwang (Manager of Business Development and International Marketing, Port of Oakland), Gabriel Sevilla (Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Proliant Inc.), Shawna Morris (Senior Vice President of Trade Policy, National Milk Producers Federation), and Mark Stephenson

DairyLivestream April 27, 2022: Will dairy demand hold throughout 2022? with Ted Jacoby (CEO, T.C. Jacoby & Company), Mike Brown (Dairy Supply Chain Director, Kroger Co.), Ted Galloway (Vice President, Galloway Company), and Andy Novakovic

DairyLivestream April 6, 2022: Will high milk prices cover the growing expenses? with Ben Laine (Vice President, RaboResearch-Dairy), Sam Miller (Managing Director of Agricultural Banking, BMO Harris Bank), Steve Martin (founder, NDMCmilk), and Chris Wolf

DairyLivestream February 24, 2022: How much milk will be produced in 2022? with Phil Plourd (President, Blimling and Associates), Mark Stephenson, and Andy Novakovic

DairyLivestream January 19, 2022: Dairy product exports: Firsthand accounts from farmerswith Marilyn Hershey (Pennsylvania dairy farmer and Chair of Dairy Management Inc.), Larry Hancock (Texas dairy farmer and Chair of U.S. Dairy Export Council), Alex Peterson (Missouri dairy farmer and Chair of National Dairy Board), Becky Levzow (Wisconsin dairy farmer and member of National Dairy Board), and Andy Novakovic

DairyLivestream December 8, 2021: This year's corn silage may feed differentlywith John Goeser (Director of Nutritional Research and Innovation, Rock River Laboratory), Mike Hutjens (professor emeritus, University of Illinois), and Chris Wolf

DairyLivestream November 17, 2021: It's all in the milk flow with Roger Thomson, D.V.M. (milk quality consultant, Michigan State University), Paul Virkler, D.V.M. (Quality Milk Production Specialists, Cornell University), Scott Ferry (owner, Ferry Farms), and Chris Wolf

DairyLivestream October 27, 2021: We're opening global doors for U.S. dairy ingredients with Vikki Nicholson-West (Senior Vice President of Global Ingredients Marketing, U.S. Dairy Export Council), John Brubaker (owner, Knott Run Dairy), and Mark Stephenson

DairyLivestream September 15, 2021: Export potential: Chatter on the cheese markets with Stephen Cain (economic analyst, U.S. Dairy Export Council), Angélique Hollister (Senior Vice President of Global Cheese Marketing, U.S. Dairy Export Council), William Lynskey (Executive Vice President, Tropical Foods), and Mark Stephenson

DairyLivestream August 18, 2021: Cows can be a solution to climate change with Mark Stoermann (Chief Operating Officer, Newtrient), Richard Cooper (Director of Business Development, DTE Power & Industrial), Danielle Goodrich Gingras (Owner, Goodrich Family Farm), and Mark Stephenson

DairyLivestream August 4, 2021: Sustainability: Dairy's position in the marketplace with Judith Bryans (Chief Executive, Dairy UK; and President, International Dairy Federation), Greg Miller (Chief Science Officer, National Dairy Council), and Andy Novakovic

DairyLivestream July 21, 2021: Sustainability: What can we do on the farm? with Robin White (assistant professor of animal and poultry sciences, Virginia Tech), Marilyn Hershey (owner, Ar-Joy Farm; and board chair, Dairy Management Inc.), Jamie Vander Molen (Vice President of Sustainability Initiatives and Outreach, Newtrient), and Chris Wolf

DairyLivestream July 7, 2021: We have new tools to breed more profitable cows with Joao Durr (CEO, CDCB), Chad Dechow (associate professor of dairy cattle genetics, Penn State University), Lloyd Holterman (owner, Rosy-Lane Holsteins), and Chris Wolf

DairyLivestream June 30, 2021: USMCA: Is Canada really limiting U.S. dairy sales? with Gregg Doud (former Chief Ag Negotiator, U.S. Trade Representative for Executive Office of the President of the U.S.), Al Mussell (Research Lead, Agri-Food Economic Systems), and Mark Stephenson

DairyLivestream June 2, 2021: Could A.I. become illegal and will cows become pets? with Hannah Thompson-Weeman (Vice President of Strategic Engagement, Animal Agriculture Alliance), Bill Hammerich (CEO, Colorado Livestock Association), Dr. Fred Gingrich (Executive Director, American Association of Bovine Practitioners), and Chris Wolf

DairyLivestream May 19, 2021: Options and opportunities for marketing my milk with Audie Wall (Vice President of Manufacturing, Marcoot Jersey Creamery), Jeff Lyon (General Manager, FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative), Jen Glover (Owner, Mountain Fresh Creamery), and Mark Stephenson

DairyLivestream May 5, 2021: Can we improve Federal Milk Marketing Orders? Part 2 with Erin Taylor (Acting Director of the Order Formulation and Enforcement Division, USDA Agricultural Marketing Service), Ed Gallagher (President of Risk Management, Dairy Farmers of America), Alan Zolin (Manager, Zolin International), and Chris Wolf