May 22 2024
Animal rights activists find strength in fighting against agricultural production practices with ballot initiatives
May 16 2024
Farm dogs provide a sense of companionship and emotional support to farmers across the world
May 16 2024
While we are working hard to get crops harvested on time, we need fellow drivers to respect farm equipment on the road
May 15 2024
While those of us in agriculture take efforts to help consumers understand where their food comes from, we can also equip ourselves to answer more questions by branching out from what we know best
May 14 2024
Lakeshore Technical College in Cleveland, Wis., presented its Hoard’s Dairyman Award to recent graduate Erik Walters
May 9 2024
Every old barn you drive by has a past and adds character to the countryside
May 8 2024
June Dairy Month is often celebrated by communities hosting breakfasts on the farm to promote the dairy industry
May 2 2024
Work and insights from University of British Columbia’s David Fraser highlight the importance of human and animal interactions
May 2 2024
Taming some of our animals creates some difficulties but also a herd that is calmer around people
May 1 2024
Sharing what we’re dealing with can help others help us
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April 30 2024
Whether in the media or in the break room, there are always hot topics garnering interest
April 26 2024
As I deal with my own eye infection, it serves as a reminder that pinkeye season for our cattle is right around the corner
April 25 2024
Farmers think about what’s best for their land more than one day a year
April 24 2024
Research indicates those that work on dairies have less gastrointestinal related symptoms than nonfarmers
April 23 2024
ADA North East created the Virtual Farm Tour program to bring the farm to the classroom to help build trust in dairy
April 19 2024
A recent rural tragedy inspired students to promote farm road safety using skills learned at the National FFA’s Washington Leadership Conference
April 18 2024
The weather has caused damage to our farm already this spring, and there is not much we can do about it
April 17 2024
Our team works hard, so it pays off to have some fun at the farm, too
April 15 2024
Farmers get to experience many incredible sights of nature, and last week so did people in many parts of the country
April 15 2024
For nearly 10 years, the Dairy Cattle Welfare Council has been driving positive change in the dairy industry