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June 1 2022
Sometimes, selling a farm is the right decision
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May 31 2022
Agricultural women are tough, but we can still benefit from the experiences of others
May 27 2022
It’s pouring rain in Iowa today, which means we get to take a breath and slow down a bit — or at least catch up on a few things
May 26 2022
Efforts by checkoff programs to promote June Dairy Month will highlight the farmers behind dairy foods
May 25 2022
There is not one person, industry, city, technology, or politician to blame for California’s lack of water
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May 23 2022
Even when you take time off from your own dairy farm to get away, you wind up stepping foot on another one before you make it back home
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May 19 2022
Though we might not always be set up to succeed, dairy farmers overcome challenges every day to care for our animals and our business
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May 17 2022
Be ready with these facts to share agriculture’s sustainable story whenever you get the chance to talk to people in the general public
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May 16 2022
This year’s Cow Judging Contest carried on a tradition in a fun and competitive way
May 13 2022
With the heat comes the flies, and our farm uses several methods to keep these pests off our cows
May 12 2022
We are very thankful for the working relationships and friendships we have established with our country neighbors
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May 10 2022
We look for the sweet spot, but extremes in prices and weather swing dairy farms up and down
May 9 2022
An original piece of art and a quote by W.D. Hoard commemorate the hardworking dairy cow
May 6 2022
The Wisconsin Farm Discovery Center was the site of a graduation celebration for the dairy management program at Lakeshore Technical College
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May 5 2022
These creatures reflect the changing of the seasons on our farm
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May 4 2022
Farmers have just as much responsibility, if not more, to make sure everyone arrives home safely
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May 3 2022
I logged in to Facebook today on my laptop and found a ton of notifications. After a few clicks, I saw photos of our family farm being demolished
May 2 2022
When in-person youth events were canceled, a new youth dairy competition called the North American Dairy Educational Experience was developed
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April 29 2022
Animals can get themselves into tricky situations that require fast thinking and careful maneuvering to remedy
April 28 2022
Consumer expectations and farmer responses to whether cows should have pasture access may vary, and in between there is a lot to think about