Dec. 3 2021
My study abroad to Costa Rica showed me how agriculture in another country can differ but still be just as efficient or even more so
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Dec. 1 2021
Fighting online comment wars will not change perceptions of agriculture
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Nov. 30 2021
Backlogged shipping means we have more reason than ever to support local farmers and businesses
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Nov. 29 2021
Holiday celebrations serve as a reminder of our purpose
Nov. 26 2021
When you farm full time, having a buddy that doubles as entertainment is a must. I’m an animal lover to the core, and farm dogs have a special place in my heart
Nov. 24 2021
There is a lot that the public may not realize about the dairy farmers behind their food products
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Nov. 22 2021
Agricultural technologies must be shared with consumers willingly for them to include them in their diet
Nov. 19 2021
Companies are committing to environmentally friendly practices, but it still starts in the field and on the farm
Nov. 18 2021
As my time on the Iowa State Dairy Judging Team comes to a close, I am grateful for how much I grew and learned
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Nov. 17 2021
Within the dairy industry, I fall into two minority groups: I’m a woman who milks Jerseys
Nov. 16 2021
Animal rights extremists will go to great length to make their opinions known; don’t let them disrupt your farm
Nov. 15 2021
General Mills and the dairy checkoff turned to social media to celebrate World School Milk Day
Nov. 12 2021
Steven and Connie Schmitt’s commitment, passion, and hard work as a farming couple is evidenced by a collection of aerial farm photos proudly displayed
Nov. 10 2021
The state of California faces a water deficit that will take years to repair
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Nov. 9 2021
Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Western Dairy Management Conference in Reno, Nev. Let me just say that it was amazing to be at an in-person conference
Nov. 9 2021
Justyne Frisle of Wisconsin 4-H rose to the top of the youth division as well as grabbing the oral reasons title. Morrisville’s Jade Atherton was the high individual and won reasons
Nov. 8 2021
Hope for the best and plan for the unexpected — if life was just that easy. The Virginia 4-H dairy bowl team was comprised of four very talented young ladies
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Nov. 5 2021
Hosting a virtual tour is right at the tip of your finger. Practicing, relating the content to your audience, and having a well-planned route can make it even better
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Nov. 4 2021
A world without animal agriculture wouldn’t be good for the nutritional viability of many people
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Nov. 3 2021
I live in an old farmhouse. It’s got a creepy dirt basement, splintery old floors, and drafty, well, drafts. Last night, on my way to the bathroom, I stumbled, threw out a hand to catch myself