Sept. 24 2021
A dairy farmer’s daughter is the glue that holds together the family operation
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Sept. 23 2021
Keeping accurate, meaningful records teaches agricultural youth lifelong skills like responsibility and organization while setting them up for a successful future
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Sept. 22 2021
Days on the farm with people we know best can lead to some interesting conversations
Sept. 21 2021
Production livestock, including dairy, remains a topic of discussion at animal rights conferences
Sept. 20 2021
If you see cows, writing, and America’s Dairyland in your future, consider applying for the Hoard’s Dairyman editorial internship
Sept. 17 2021
Every farm must wait until conditions are right for harvesting the next crop, but when you see neighbors and friends roll out their choppers and combines, it is difficult to be patient
Sept. 16 2021
Farmers rely on nature to provide what we need to do our job
Sept. 15 2021
Sometimes looking at life from a different angle can totally change your perspective
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Sept. 13 2021
Make your social media posts pop using videos by following these 10 tips for creating videos with your phone
Sept. 10 2021
Iowa State University’s Dairy Science Club teaches fairgoers how to hand milk a cow, teaching them the basics of the dairy industry
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Sept. 9 2021
Outside vendors can add a bit of excitement and encourage visitors to experience dairy production on your farm
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Sept. 8 2021
Sharing when we’re struggling with life can be difficult, but not sharing can be worse
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Sept. 7 2021
Many jokes about Carhartt gear can be found throughout social media. What was once an outfitter solely for those performing manual labor is now on trend for the masses to wear
Sept. 3 2021
While I was working on chores in our robot barn the other morning, I watched as the sun began to wake up, slowly transforming the sky from a star-speckled deep denim blue to a magnificent display
Sept. 2 2021
Many different minds have come together to make our barn very unique, especially when it comes to cow comfort
Sept. 1 2021
The state of California is facing a water crisis, and farmers have a whole lot to lose
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Aug. 31 2021
Extracurricular activities from fairs to the football field help our kids explore their interests
Aug. 30 2021
Our Hoard’s Dairyman monthly webinar series earned top awards and positive feedback in a recent communications contest
Aug. 26 2021
State fairs can be a terrific place to connect people with agriculture, even if just for a moment
Aug. 25 2021
Sharing our emotions and moving forward anyway could be the new definition of toughness