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Dec. 7 2022
Whether it is a tractor-loving toddler or a teenager who grew up in the inner city somewhere, we need young people of all backgrounds and ethnicities to be excited about agriculture and help feed the world
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Dec. 6 2022
Even amid industry uncertainty, the holidays can be a time of joy
Dec. 5 2022
I have a completely renewed appreciation for dairy products and their benefits as a college student
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Dec. 2 2022
Social media makes it hard not to compare our lives to others, but we can be proud of them and ourselves at the same time
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Dec. 1 2022
One of our cows tried to jump over a gate, but she was less athletic than she thought
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Nov. 29 2022
At the Sustainable Agriculture Summit, three college students shared their thoughts on sustainability during a panel discussion
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Nov. 28 2022
Keeping crop residue stubble on your fields can provide a multitude of soil health benefits
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Nov. 25 2022
This Thanksgiving, I decided to highlight butter in a new, trendy way
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Nov. 23 2022
Social media gives dairy a large audience to connect with; it’s up to you to decide which platform fits your needs and interests
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Nov. 22 2022
Supplying delicious food to our communities is another reason to be thankful this season
Nov. 21 2022
It’s not about the way farmers look; it’s the work they do that matters
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Nov. 18 2022
Time shows us what is most important and puts our goals into perspective
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Nov. 17 2022
Dairy farming is a complex job every day and filled with many unique responsibilities
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Nov. 16 2022
Food elitist (noun): a person or persons who uses their social platform and/or voice to shame others based on their food choices
Nov. 15 2022
The discussion at animal rights conferences held over the past year continued to focus on animal agriculture
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Nov. 14 2022
Americans are snacking more, and cheese and yogurt can be two satiating, nutritious options
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Nov. 10 2022
Our wedding day was filled with little moments and details that honored our dairy farming roots
Nov. 9 2022
New York, Michigan, Minnesota, and Illinois youth earn the top awards in their events
Nov. 8 2022
I hope showing cattle will always provide youth with the opportunities it did for me
Nov. 7 2022
From people to cows, no one likes to be overcrowded, so the goal is to put up facilities that will meet today and tomorrow’s needs