June 28 2017
Yes, you read the title right, but I am talking about cows. It is common knowledge in the dairy industry that cows do not like the heat. The question is, when do they start feeling uncomfortable, and
June 27 2017
The official first week of summer brought hot summer temperatures to the Northwest. We don’t see major heat waves like many other parts of the country, but it definitely gets our attention when temperatures...
June 26 2017
Set protocols for people as well as herd management
June 23 2017
With 167 producing completed cow records, the Hoard’s Dairyman Farm earned the 2016 Commercial Herd Award from the American Guernsey Association (AGA). The herd averaged 22,138 pounds of milk 4.7...
June 22 2017
Summer internships allow them to learn and grow in the career field they desire
June 21 2017
Our society has become one that puts entertainment above almost everything else, so let’s use it to our advantage
June 20 2017
Hearing my 4-year-old daughter Daphne say the word “chrysalis” always makes me smile. First, because she so carefully articulates the word. Second, because I’m proud that she knows exactly...
June 19 2017
Hoard’s Dairyman and Hay and Forage Grower staff visited the University of Wisconsin Agricultural Research Station for some professional development.
June 16 2017
Calving can be a challenging time for a cow. But the issues go beyond giving birth. Around freshening, the dairy cow is struggling with net energy, protein, and mineral imbalances
June 15 2017
A few months ago we had the opportunity to host our congressman, Representative Jody Hice, at our dairy farm. He had great questions about our operation
June 14 2017
Farmers must make time, quality time, for the people who are most important
June 13 2017
Tomorrow, Little Farmer, our oldest son, “graduates” from kindergarten. We can officially say that we survived the first school year
June 12 2017
People who live hundreds of miles away from your farm (and have never stepped foot on a farm) are making food decisions that might impact your farm.
June 9 2017
It’s June Dairy Month and it seems that those of us involved in the dairy industry are promoting milk and dairy products this season
June 8 2017
When ordering a coffee in the morning, I am observing more and more people swapping cow’s milk for almond milk
June 7 2017
When a friend who works for Hoard’s called and asked me if I’d be willing to be one of their farmer bloggers, I physically had to cover my mouth so I didn’t excitedly scream ‘YES!!!’...
June 6 2017
Between June Dairy Month and National Ice Cream Month (in July), there’s no better time to scoop yourself an ice cream cone
June 5 2017
When discussing calf raising, most every dairy farmer will tell you good colostrum is essential to calf health
June 2 2017
There has been so much going on around the farm I couldn’t choose a topic to write about, so I’m going to update y’all on a few things
June 1 2017
Today is World Milk Day. Launched in 2001 by the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization, its intent is to recognize milk as a global food