May 22 2017
As the old pop song goes, “You’ve got to know when to hold 'em. Know when to fold 'em. Know when to walk away and know when to run.”
May 19 2017
When I went to the dentist a few weeks ago she was telling me about getting ready for a small family party for her son’s First Holy Communion
May 18 2017
There are some salespeople who call on our farm that I don’t mind seeing. Then there are those that I avoid. Which one do you want to be?
May 17 2017
More than 14,800 cow judges from all 50 states and 15 other countries tackled the five classes in the 2017 Hoard’s Dairyman Cow Judging Contest
May 16 2017
We graze our Guernsey herd for as many months out of the year as the Oregon weather allows. In a normal year this season lasts from the beginning of April through October
May 15 2017
When it comes to making purchasing decisions, consumers can be difficult to gauge, and traditionally, they vote with their wallets. That makes labels a vital piece of the purchasing decision
May 12 2017
Pinching pennies may be old hat to some, but for others changing the way we think can uncover some untapped income opportunities. Mike Hutjens presented “On-farm feed diagnostics”
May 11 2017
Each day, many of us scroll through pictures and posts on various social media platforms. For some of us, it is also how we get our news
May 10 2017
Fourteen grams of protein and satisfies my sweet tooth? Count me in! Yogurt is one of my favorite foods and preferred dairy product because of its great taste and high nutritional value
May 9 2017
Two recent experiences with rules and regulations made me realize how much government guidelines need to adapt to changing farming practices
May 8 2017
World Dairy Expo lost one of its founding members this past weekend
May 5 2017
Joey Schilter is the youngest of three children raised on a dairy farm in the state of Washington. His older siblings are “passionate about winning” and have done well in many activities, shared...
May 4 2017
Having a good group of employees is one of the best blessings we have received here at Hillcrest Farms. Yes, we occasionally have the hard to fill position
May 3 2017
Social media has almost become a bit of a necessary evil these days. We use it to keep in touch with friends and family, to ask advice, to buy and sell things, and to entertain each other and share
May 2 2017
This past weekend I turned 30. That always seemed like such an adult number growing up, and now that it’s here, I’m wondering how it happened
May 1 2017
Especially in cold weather states, it has been common for calf feeders to bump up fat levels in calf diets during the winter to account for added energy required by calves to maintain body temperature
April 28 2017
The snow has melted, the rains have subsided in some areas, and the temperatures are more tolerable. And that means it’s spring-cleaning time
April 27 2017
“Milk is only for breakfast,” answered one of my classmates as we lectured in a recent class about fluid milk consumption in the United States. Unfortunately, several other students agreed...
April 26 2017
Sometimes the reactions I get when I tell people how often I go home on the weekends while attending college full time are surprising
April 25 2017
Areas of the country have been dumping milk for far too long. Now processors are dropping patrons