March 31 2017
Ever notice how much time you spend talking to others who farm, between attending ag meetings and sitting on ag boards and committees? Talking to our farm friends is so easy
March 30 2017
Spring has finally made its debut, but with it comes some pesky insects, the most common being flies
March 29 2017
Deciding what college to attend is not as easy as it looks as there are many factors to evaluate and consider
March 28 2017
SXSW . . . as in South by Southwest . . . is all about making a big impression
March 24 2017
Somatic cell count (SCC) has been and remains the golden standard of milk quality. That being said, milk quality can be in question even when SCC is in check
March 22 2017
I recently had the opportunity to interview several outstanding college students for the Animal Agriculture Alliance’s summer communications internships
March 21 2017
As dairy farmers with herds entrusted to our care, I think we all felt the same sense of dread at the news of the wildfires
March 20 2017
Ask anyone I work with; one of my favorite holidays of the year is Kansas Day. Never heard of it? You are not alone
March 17 2017
Ah, that new car feel . . . It’s different, better, and exciting . . . all at the same time. As I watched our March webinar, “Making use of all that parlor data,” I instantly made the...
March 16 2017
While working on homework late one night, my roommate crept into my room to inform me about the wildfires, which were sweeping the Plains only a few hours from our home
March 15 2017
Twenty young 4-H’ers huddled around our leader’s dining room table on a Wednesday night judging the annual Hoard’s Dairyman Cow Judging Contest
March 14 2017
When I was a kid, I loved report cards. For me, it was important to measure how I was doing in my classes.Now that I’m a dairy farmer, metrics are just as important
March 13 2017
Those interested in learning more about crossbreeding had the opportunity to listen to Wes Bluhm, ABS Crossbreeding Manager at ABS Global, at the World Ag Expo
March 10 2017
Among farm families, it is more and more common to hear of households that also pursue off farm ventures. A report from USDA’s Economic Research Service shows that there is good reason for that
March 9 2017
We have come to a fork in the road here at Hillcrest Farms. Like I have said in the past, we are always trying to keep up with technology and stay at the forefront of our industry
March 8 2017
Just about every packaged food item at the grocery store comes with an “expiration” or “sell by” date on the label. My inclination is that most people heed these guidelines
March 7 2017
I am proud to be a third-generation dairy farmer and the fourth generation on my family’s farm. There’s a definite sense of success that comes with knowing I carry on a tradition
March 6 2017
All winter we analyze our calves in anticipation for the next show season. Are they big enough? Are they good enough?
March 3 2017
In last week’s blog "Land rich but feeling dirt poor? You have more than you think," I gave an overview of the unfortunate outcomes that can happen when farmers do not have their estate planning
March 2 2017
With spring around the corner, it’s time for a fresh start.