Aug. 10 2017
We recently had the opportunity to share our farm with the public on the “Georgia Farm Monitor” television show that appears on RFDtv
Aug. 9 2017
Cows may not use words to communicate but they sure know how to get their point across; and if you listen, they will tell you how to improve your margins
Aug. 8 2017
“So, how did it feel marrying into a farm family?” is a question I often get asked as a young female dairy farmer
Aug. 7 2017
I’ve always been proud of where I came from. Growing up on a farm is a unique experience that not every child gets the opportunity to have
Aug. 4 2017
Our office gets calls and emails throughout the year from people asking about showmanship rules and looking for resource material
Aug. 3 2017
We have some construction work going on at the farm, and a driver came out not long ago to deliver new pipes. He obviously was on a dairy for the first time
Aug. 2 2017
We can be brave. We can tell our side of the story despite the opposition they will inevitably throw at us
Aug. 1 2017
With each county fair, with each 4-H project, there are lessons learned . . . both for my children and for me
July 31 2017
How many hours a day are your cows not in their home pen? Taking a closer look into your milking herd’s daily schedule is an important management step
July 28 2017
My dad came from a large Midwest family where they milked 25 cows, raised some sheep, had a few chickens, and worked cropland. He was one of seven hard-working farm boys with four sisters
July 27 2017
I’m not real sure if it is just a Southern thing to know what it means to have “Georgia weather,” especially around July and August, but these two months are the extreme heat months for...
July 26 2017
There are consumers who wish to learn about where their food comes from; how you go about answering that question could benefit the dairy industry or dramatically hurt it
July 25 2017
Six months in, robots are a decision I would make again. My advice – be open to learning.
July 24 2017
In recent years, the discussion on selling milk from cows marked as A2A2 positive has seemed to skyrocket
July 21 2017
Everybody loves a good road trip, and the Hoard’s Dairyman and Hay & Forage Grower editorial staffs are no different
July 20 2017
There are well-known parent-child professional pairs . . . Ken Griffey, Sr., and his son were both major league baseball players
July 19 2017
Music is a big part of my life. It can make or break a day for me. I listen to music every single day, and not just as background noise
July 18 2017
“Whap!” I didn’t even see the hit coming. That sound and the stinging pain were simultaneous. It took place as I was hanging a unit up between two cows when the cow behind me gave...
July 14 2017
To be successful, or profitable, raising heifers to first calving includes three areas of consideration – nutrition, health, and reproduction
July 13 2017
Technology has helped improve milk production, reproduction, and made managing cows at our farm easier. Parlor identification, milk meters, and automated activity monitoring are all tied together