April 21 2023 08:30 AM

Help spread dairy’s sustainability story this Earth Month through social media content provided by the dairy checkoff.

Following a lifestyle that includes making decisions that are good for the planet continues to grow in importance to many consumers, especially those that fall in the demographic of Gen Z. While they purchase products with a strong sustainability story, they are just as concerned about their own environmental footprint, and that includes reducing food waste at home.

Earth Month is upon us and there is no better time to show them they can have their dairy and eat all of it, too!

Gen Z is drawn to social media “hacks,” which are clever tips and tricks that people post online so others can learn from their ways. Part of the dairy checkoff’s social media strategy this month is to share hacks on how people can make sure they use every drop of milk or spoonful of yogurt to avoid sending it to the landfill.

Some video hacks we’ll unveil this month include:

  • Making milk/fruit ice cubes for smoothies — a great option for when people need a use for that last bit of milk left in the fridge.
  • Adding milk ice cubes to iced coffee — a clever way to keep your coffee cold without the watery taste, while getting a nutritional boost from milk.
  • Using the rest of your Greek yogurt before it expires to make an easy and tasty frozen snack.

In addition, we’ll share content that shows how U.S. farm families have made dairy possible through generations of commitment to sustainable farming practices.

We’ll post content on Earth Day (April 22) that sets the record straight on greenhouse gas emissions and we’ll drive people to this story titled “How Dairy Farmers Are Reducing Methane & Greenhouse Gas Emissions.” We’ll also pay tribute to our many sustainability award winners with a special video.

Finally, no social media campaign is complete without sharing delicious dairy recipes. Look for the checkoff to promote recipes for:

All of this content will be posted on the checkoff’s Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok pages. Be sure to visit these sites during April and share these hacks, videos, and stories on your farm’s social media accounts to help show the many ways dairy is celebrating Earth Month.

To learn more about your national dairy checkoff, visit www.usdairy.com/for-farmers, sign up for the Your Dairy Checkoff Newsletter, or to reach us directly, send an email to TalkToTheCheckoff@dairy.org

Don Schindler

The author is a Senior Vice President of Digital Initiatives at Dairy Management Inc.