June 20 2022
Telling the dairy story is a challenge that agriculturalists are faced with, but reaching consumers with this story can be as simple as serving a hot meal
May 26 2022
Efforts by checkoff programs to promote June Dairy Month will highlight the farmers behind dairy foods
May 23 2022
Even when you take time off from your own dairy farm to get away, you wind up stepping foot on another one before you make it back home
April 20 2022
Asking questions connects us better than making assumptions
April 19 2022
If you find yourself with a negative review on Google, there are ways to redeem your image
April 18 2022
Young readers will soak up modern dairy farming in this new children’s book
April 6 2022
Isolating ourselves does no good to reach the people consuming our products
April 1 2022
Watching and guiding the next generation of dairy ambassadors and enthusiasts is truly an honor
March 22 2022
Farming requires commitment and passion like few other careers do
March 11 2022
U.S. Olympian Elle Purrier St. Pierre grew up on a dairy farm and now uses her sport to promote the industry and its products
March 10 2022
March may be a crazy month, but knowing that our heifers are safe and that folks have resources to ask about agriculture makes it all worth the time
March 7 2022
Celebrate the role dairy plays in childhood nutrition during National School Breakfast Week
March 3 2022
While cow numbers in the nation’s dairy herd held steady, dairy farm numbers did not follow the same course. In losing 5.7% of the farms holding a permit to sell milk, dairy farm numbers fell
March 3 2022
When people visit the farm, responding to their questions in a way they understand is a very important part of teaching them about what we do
Feb. 21 2022
Sharing recipes and photos of food online is very popular right now, and these photography tips will help you showcase your culinary creation
Feb. 14 2022
Small things can have a big meaning for those we care about
Feb. 11 2022
Whether you are a football fan or not, the biggest game of the year has some fun ties to dairy
Feb. 7 2022
School districts will have the option to continue serving low-fat flavored milk for the next few years, according to a USDA rule being announced today
Jan. 12 2022
Milk’s nutrition and naturalness is what consumers need to know
Jan. 11 2022
Whey protein is both a dairy by-product and valuable nutrition tool