May 16 2024
Today’s dairy producers recognize that carbon footprints and environmental sustainability are no longer buzzwords; they are expectations
Oct. 30 2023
Farm to School programs are hailed as a pathway to local procurement of fresh farm products and access for children to critically needed nutritious meals
Oct. 11 2023
Responsible production has been a generations-long commitment made by our nation’s dairy farm families
Sept. 18 2023
In a year when dairy commodities have been hit hard by slumping prices, butter has remained at the head of the class, barely dipping below $2.50 per pound at the wholesale level and recently rebounding...
Sept. 18 2023
You’ve heard the saying, “Celebrities are just like us,” when, in reality, their lifestyles are vastly different than the average person
Sept. 13 2023
This back-to-school season, more students are meeting teachers who are prepared to accurately talk about the science behind dairy farming. That’s thanks to efforts led by dairy checkoff and agricultural...
Sept. 7 2023
Milk and dairy foods will soon be on the table for families who need them most in California’s Central Valley due to a grant from the Legacy Health Endowment
Sept. 6 2023
I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve seen or heard a farmer call a consumer stupid. At first, it makes me cringe because it’s just kind of mean. I mean, name-calling? Really?...
Aug. 25 2023
Apart from visiting a farm, there’s nothing quite like attending a fair for the general public to witness agriculture up close. There are plenty of animals to see, youth and exhibitors to talk with,...
Aug. 10 2023
There’s a new curd on the block, thanks to a team of food science students at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls
July 25 2023
County and state dairy promotion programs were created to help promote the nutritional benefits of milk and dairy products to consumers
July 20 2023
Dairy sales cannot prosper without consumer trust
July 20 2023
How do you ensure the freshest possible dairy products halfway around the world?
July 17 2023
How do you create connections with dairy customers halfway around the world?
July 14 2023
July is National Ice Cream Month, and there is no better time to figure out which flavor aligns with your Zodiac sign
July 3 2023
Each June, as part of National Dairy Month, the dairy community throughout the nation celebrates the role milk and dairy foods play in nourishing people and supporting healthier communities — and...
June 29 2023
The National FFA Organization became a huge part of my life starting my sixth-grade year when my agriculture teacher showed up on my front porch with a form to join
June 19 2023
Long before American businesses committed to corporate social responsibility, dairy farmers set the precedent for purpose-driven work by producing a product that nourishes youth and families
June 15 2023
Farm bill negotiations, an effort to modernize the Federal Milk Marketing Order system, and an ongoing dairy labeling battle provided up-and-coming dairy leaders with no shortage of topics to discuss with...