Aug. 8 2019
We have done a few tours over the years for other dairy farmers, federal and state representatives, friends, and our own family. Up to this point, we have never really given tours to the public
Aug. 7 2019
Let me tell you a story you may have not heard before. Many moons ago, there was but a few drinks to pick from on store shelves
Aug. 5 2019
Action, not advertising, is what Generation Z (GenZ) consumers want to see from the brands they purchase
July 29 2019
The most important part of generating lots of views on YouTube is the content. Bad content or content that doesn't resonate with the YouTube audience will never work
July 15 2019
When it comes to cheese, Wisconsin creates more flavors and varieties than anywhere else on Earth — over 600 to be exact
July 1 2019
As we wind down the annual festivities of June Dairy Month, the Hoard’s Dairyman team has reason to celebrate
June 19 2019
I started advocating as a means to share my farm with the world, or whoever would listen
June 14 2019
Most of our Saturday mornings might include feeding calves, chores, or if we’re younger, maybe watching some cartoons to kick-off the weekend
June 13 2019
So, you've got some great ideas about how to promote dairy products and dairy farming and you are ready to get involved, especially during June Dairy Month
June 10 2019
June officially kicks off summer vacation for most students, giving them a break from the school setting. However, once school is no longer in session, millions of children across the country who depend...
June 7 2019
Sometimes we just need a way to get through the day. Maybe we’re looking for a lunchtime dessert or just a snack to get through work
June 3 2019
For the past 40 years the Dane County Dairy Promotion Committee has organized a free dairy promotion event just steps away from the state capitol of America’s Dairyland
May 13 2019
We need everyone to think about moving dairy forward. With that in mind, I invite you to share your ideas and discuss insights at The Dairy Experience, co-hosted by Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin and Midwest...
April 24 2019
I know, possibly more than most farmers, how annoying dealing with the general public can be
April 22 2019
What do you get when you combine a passion for the dairy industry, a drive to educate consumers, a love for sports . . . and a crown?
April 22 2019
Have you ever seen something so outrageous about dairy farming online that you wanted to jump in and tell someone how wrong they were? I have, too
April 10 2019
Have you ever seen the movie The Invention of Lying? It takes place in an alternate universe where people don’t know what lying is until one man invents it
April 9 2019
As the buzzer went off, I untucked my jersey and looked up from the basketball court to the stands
March 27 2019
There are so many things I’m ignorant about. Home renovations, for example. No matter how many times I watch "Fixer Upper," I still have no idea how to flip a house
March 26 2019
Each year, the Animal Agriculture Alliance releases reports from several major animal rights conferences to help keep our members and the broader industry informed