Jan. 27 2020
We have all seen the local foods movement continue to expand. Customers looking for foods produced in their region have even been paying more to know where that food was grown
Jan. 24 2020
Around the country, many young women dream of attaining a crown, preferably while advocating for an industry they’re passionate about
Jan. 15 2020
We all know that PETA has an affinity for fabricated and overexaggerated photos, videos, and situations to make every farmer look evil
Jan. 13 2020
How long have we heard that fluid milk must innovate in order to combat declining consumption? With such a dynamic marketplace, it seems that simple white milk is sometimes lost in the shuffle
Dec. 9 2019
Last week I taught class of high school juniors and seniors about marketing, and we were discussing where their target audience would be using social media
Dec. 3 2019
I was fortunate to have my sister, Megan Carey, spend her Thanksgiving holiday with us in St. Louis. We grew up on our parents’ dairy farm in Florida, and both stayed in the dairy industry albeit...
Nov. 11 2019
TikTok is a global social network based on video content that started in China. The audience is mostly younger people (under 30 years old), and it is around the size of Instagram with about 1 billion users
Oct. 14 2019
I grew up in a small town where most everyone is a farmer. Some 15 years ago, I had come back for a hometown visit with my new wife
Oct. 8 2019
It's perhaps the greatest travesty we heard this year — a young child was whisked to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin on a doctor’s referral because the toddler was in the lowest one...
Sept. 30 2019
If there is any working person who appreciates coffee, certainly it’s dairy farmers
Sept. 25 2019
Last week, one of the most beloved celebrities told Americans that we should stop eating meat. Ellen DeGeneres doesn’t just preach to her audience to be kind to one another, she is kindness
Sept. 24 2019
Each year, the Animal Ag Alliance releases reports from major animal rights conferences. It’s one of the many ways that we work to keep the industry informed about what strategies and tactics may...
Sept. 19 2019
In the late 1970s and early 1980s, a number of major food manufacturers were pimping “health cheese” as a replacement for the real deal. In that battle, taste won the day and ultimately put...
Sept. 18 2019
Over the last decade, the dairy industry has faced more controversy than ever before. If variable prices and Mother Nature weren’t enough, we now face opposition from a group of people who are determined...
Sept. 13 2019
The tide has changed, and cheese is riding high on the waves. Once considered unhealthy for containing too much saturated fat, cheese has found redemption in new studies
Sept. 9 2019
In today’s age of instant information, dairy farmers and industry people have heard time and time again that we need to share our story to gain trust with consumers
Aug. 29 2019
Around our kitchen table, there has been a lot of talk about babies lately. At our farm here in East Moline, Ill., we have a baby boom going on
Aug. 8 2019
We have done a few tours over the years for other dairy farmers, federal and state representatives, friends, and our own family. Up to this point, we have never really given tours to the public
Aug. 7 2019
Let me tell you a story you may have not heard before. Many moons ago, there was but a few drinks to pick from on store shelves
Aug. 5 2019
Action, not advertising, is what Generation Z (GenZ) consumers want to see from the brands they purchase