July 27 2020
No one knows the exact extent that this pandemic will affect how we go about daily life in the future, but just as with historical events in the past, it’s clear that some things will remain changed
July 24 2020
If you’ve never seen the movie The Princess Bride, keep reading, but once you’re done, go watch it
July 23 2020
New research findings could be good news for dairy foods. Emerging science shows that overall diet quality counts more for positive health outcomes than just single nutrients or the quantity of calories...
July 23 2020
After you've selected your website’s domain, you will need to put content (pictures, videos, and text) on the internet via a website builder
July 22 2020
Oh, Burger King . . . jumping on the three-wheeled, dilapidated, fake news bandwagon
July 17 2020
For the past seven years, I have volunteered at the Dairy Cow Birthing Center at the New York State Fair. When I get there, I promptly plop myself next to the calf pen, which is normally swamped with people
July 10 2020
As producers, I’m sure most of you have heard pleas from agriculture communicators asking you to tell your story
July 9 2020
Here at Hillcrest Farms, we take pride in what we do. The good days, the bad days, the hot days, and the cold days
July 3 2020
Most of us have heard stories of the Knights of the Round Table. They were characters in the legend of King Arthur’s kingdom
June 24 2020
It was a success and I still can’t believe it! If you had told me a few months ago that I was going to host a virtual tour for kids who couldn’t see the Dairy Council of California’s...
June 15 2020
National retail and food service efforts by the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin (DFW) stretch dairy farmer’s investment through the checkoff
June 9 2020
This tumultuous last week has many feeling a little more than unsteady. The atmosphere in our country as a whole has been polarizing
June 8 2020
We know there are so many ways to enjoy the milk we produce — in a glass, on an ice cream cone, as a cup of yogurt, as sour cream on a burrito, or as cheese on just about anything
June 2 2020
This time of year typically involves graduation parties and family BBQs to kick off summer. Flowers are in bloom, the grass is getting green, and the corn is growing in early June in the Midwest
June 1 2020
It’s June Dairy Month, and we need to tell dairy’s great story
June 1 2020
I distinctly recall my fifth-grade teacher Mr. Z. He was a fun and interactive guy, and one of his favorite sayings was “until the cows come home.” He would tack it onto the end of any sentence...
May 28 2020
Food can carry quite a few labels these days. There’s grass-fed, organic, no antibiotics used, vegan, from cows not treated with rBST, clean . . . and probably at least a dozen others
May 27 2020
Is it worth it? Is it worth going head to head with animal activists? Are they worth the time it takes to have a conversation with them?
May 26 2020
How many times have we all heard as dairy farmers that we should all be online sharing our stories? It seems we get encouragement from every angle and every industry ally