Nov. 9 2018
Have you ever wanted to talk directly with other farmers and National Dairy Checkoff staff about dairy promotion but didn't know where to go? Well, now there's an easy way to do it
Oct. 17 2018
It’s not that I don’t have enough to do already. Yet for some reason, when I get asked to talk to a group of preschoolers about dairy, I always say yes!
Sept. 27 2018
I recently just finished a 5K (5 kilometer) race held in conjunction with the Quad Cities Marathon
Sept. 24 2018
National Farmer’s Day is October 12, and it’s a chance for us in agriculture to connect with our dairy-loving consumers and showcase real life on the farm through our social media channels
Sept. 10 2018
There is a consistent message that dairy producers have been hearing — Connect with your consumers. They want to know the people who produce their food
Sept. 10 2018
Named after legendary dairy-industry icon Stephen Babcock . . . Babcock Hall, which facilitates some of the world’s most cutting-edge dairy product research, will be reborn
Sept. 5 2018
Meet Clayton. He is a healthy, rambunctious, bright-eyed boy with a smile that could melt the coldest of hearts
Aug. 28 2018
As dairy producers, industry members, and associates, we all know about the benefits of milk
Aug. 27 2018
Remember when everyone used to tell you that having a farm blog was a priority — before social media was all the rage? Are farm websites and blogs worth the time to build today?
Aug. 27 2018
Dairy product sales give grocery stores good bang for their buck, so how come they don’t get more shelf space?
Aug. 10 2018
I was driving to a farm visit, and any time spent in my car I am tuned into the local National Public Radio (NPR) station
Aug. 7 2018
I think we can all agree that we are beyond frustrated with the state of the dairy industry
Aug. 3 2018
Last week, I attended the Inaugural Dairy Experience Forum, a conference on engaging today’s consumers to build dairy demand
Aug. 1 2018
It’s becoming increasingly obvious to me that what we’re doing right now in the dairy industry isn’t working. If it were, family farms wouldn’t be selling out at such an alarming...
July 30 2018
Wisconsin’s Marathon county was a logging community until the late 1800s. At that time, farmers permanently settled in the area, pulling up tree stumps and planting crops to feed their livestock
July 27 2018
Many people don’t think of dairy farming when they think of Utah. Honestly, what comes to my mind first are mountains and national parks (which after you check out some of their farms, you’ll...
July 23 2018
“Where are our consumers spending time on social media?” I get this question a lot from farmers and dairy industry communication professionals during my training sessions
July 23 2018
For a group of dairy farmers, the Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center has been a vision for over eight years
July 18 2018
How many risk management meetings have you been to in the last two years? I must've attended at least three or four and been invited to over a dozen