Nov. 23 2020
TikTok is controversial, but one thing that it isn't lacking is attention, particularly from young consumers
Nov. 17 2020
In my last blog, I shared insights from the Animal Agriculture Alliance’s report from the virtual Farmed Animal Conference E-Summit (FACES) hosted during the summer
Nov. 3 2020
Today is Election Day. There will be excitement, disappointment, and maybe even some surprises, too. It’s going to be a long day
Oct. 29 2020
What does your farm look like on Google? I've written about this before so you can understand how the farm looks to the rest of the world via your own farm website, social media, news articles, and so...
Oct. 23 2020
I was recently involved in a discussion among some of my professors and classmates regarding consumer interaction and education
Oct. 22 2020
"This was the best time ever!” "The cheese was amazing!” "I told at least a dozen friends." Those were firsthand comments from those participating in the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin-led Cheeselandia...
Oct. 19 2020
A brand new type of farm tour is on the horizon, and it’s here to reach the latest age of consumer: Generation Z
Oct. 5 2020
The dairy industry enjoys a rich history full of value and innovation. When those two attributes are joined together, it brings accessible nutrition to people who need it
Oct. 2 2020
When speaking with farmers, many times I learn they haven't seen the social media posts or advertisements being placed by their national and local checkoffs
Sept. 22 2020
A major role of the Animal Agriculture Alliance is monitoring animal rights activist organizations
Sept. 21 2020
Looking for a bit of good news lately? Here is something those of us in agriculture can be proud of: in a recent Gallup poll that asked American adults if they had a positive or negative perception of
Sept. 18 2020
One of my best friends told me she wanted the full farm experience, so I invited her to stay on our acreage and dive into farm life in abundant and not-so-glamorous ways
Sept. 17 2020
We have a Georgia public fishing area a mile from the farm. There they have an Environmental Education Center that does a phenomenal job teaching kids (and adults) about wetlands, wildlife, and the environment
Sept. 11 2020
Most of us have heard the popular statement that cows have best friends. While I’m not one to anthropomorphize, this is a fact that I have seen countless amounts of anecdotal evidence for
Aug. 31 2020
As you've probably seen, “Got Milk?” is back, and it has been showcased on national television outlets such as ESPN and on popular social media platforms, including TikTok
Aug. 31 2020
In touting the need for unity among the American colonists seeking their independence from Britain, Ben Franklin pointedly observed that “we must hang together, or else we’ll surely hang separately.”
Aug. 26 2020
Today on Facebook, one of the nicest people I know shared a very political post. I cringed as I read it, and then I unwisely skimmed through the comments
Aug. 20 2020
From 1990 to 2010, the United States saw constantly expanding school-age populations. Since then, the number of students in school have dropped significantly, and that’s not something that’s...
Aug. 20 2020
Dellavale Farms is a century farm located in Pattersonville, N.Y. It is run by Terri Phillips and her husband, Tom Nelson, who are the fourth generation on the Phillips’ farm
Aug. 11 2020
It was a typical afternoon for my childhood: I’d just gotten home from a volleyball practice, and I needed to feed the heifers