Sept. 21 2017
After it was all said and done, our farm didn’t experience too much serious damage from Hurricane Irma. We were blessed that there wasn’t too much damage
Sept. 20 2017
There are a lot of things robots can do better and more consistently than humans, but there are still some aspects of the dairy that require a human touch
Sept. 18 2017
Students interested in dairy and journalism are encouraged to apply for the 2018 Hoard’s Dairyman editorial internship
Sept. 15 2017
You invest a great deal in making top quality feed. Do all that you can to see that it reaches the dairy cow in the best condition and that she consumes it
Sept. 14 2017
The digital presence you create for your farm and yourself is going to last a lot longer than anything else you’ve left behind
Sept. 13 2017
Today we all pray for our families and friends and hope that things will be better soon. But tomorrow, tomorrow we will rally
Sept. 12 2017
Every night I wonder: How much longer?
Sept. 11 2017
From 4-H motto to life philosophy, these words have become more than just words for me
Sept. 8 2017
4666 . . . Markwell No. 1 . . . Ritz. She gets called a lot of things, depends on who is doing the talking. The “she” is Markwell-KR Reality Ritz-ET
Sept. 7 2017
We live in a time of great divisions, but somehow these natural disasters have people all over the country doing what they can to help others
Sept. 6 2017
As dairy farmers, we must not only know how to solve problems, but we must also know why
Sept. 5 2017
The end of summer is often signified in one big event for those of us in the livestock world…state fair. It is a time of fellowship and camaraderie based on the love of exhibiting our best cows
Sept. 1 2017
Life lessons, fun memories, and family traditions make the county fair a special place for many of us
Aug. 31 2017
I knew this summer was going to be unique, but I didn’t know how much I would learn about myself and the agriculture industry along the way
Aug. 30 2017
Knowing my cows means I know more than just their name, I know them.
Aug. 29 2017
People who grew up on dairy farms often mention their love for dairy cows, their passion for the dairy community, and their calling to work in dairy
Aug. 28 2017
Two-year programs that offer agriculture or dairy related curriculum can be found on the Hoard’s Dairyman online youth page
Aug. 25 2017
John Behling grew up on a dairy farm in Northwest Wisconsin, graduated from the University of Wisconsin­-River Falls with an economics degree, and later earned his law degree from the University of...
Aug. 24 2017
We started chopping our corn silage July 20 this year and finished chopping August 18. It has definitely been one of the longest silage seasons I have ever encountered. We planted a good bit more corn
Aug. 22 2017
We got to observe the wonder of the eclipse from the comfort of our farm.