May 22 2018
Across the nation, students are graduating from high school and college
May 21 2018
It’s not just what we feed calves when they are young, but also how they are fed that will set the stage for their long-term eating behavior
May 18 2018
Growing up, my 10 siblings and I did chores on my family’s dairy. When I was five, I started out bottle feeding baby calves with my older sisters, Jessica, Rachel, and Roxann
May 17 2018
With two years of planning and touring robotic farms under our belts, it is now time to break ground on the next phase for our family farm
May 16 2018
First thing tomorrow morning I have to milk the cows, but I also cannot forget about the fresh heifer, I have to make sure the calves are fed, and then I need to hurry back to get the kids on the bus
May 15 2018
‘Tis the season as tractors head back into the fields. Longer daylight hours provide the perfect conditions for those additional work hours, and the warmer days are a welcome end to a long winter...
May 14 2018
June Dairy Month is fast approaching, and it's the perfect time to reach out and connect directly to our consumers
May 11 2018
Volunteering at a judging contest that I participated in during high school has been a rewarding experience
May 10 2018
There may have been a time when we were at the happiest place on earth as a family of five, having less than a happy time
May 9 2018
Growing up on a dairy farm, I was never treated like the girl. I was given all the same opportunities as my brothers, and it was up to me to take them
May 8 2018
As someone who didn’t grow up on a farm or have any direct ties to farming for most of my life, I often find myself feeling a bit jealous of those who can return home to their family farm
May 7 2018
The pericardium from a cow is now used to repair human heart valves
May 3 2018
“You are smart.” “You know cows.” “You can tell stories.”
May 2 2018
This year we had the opportunity to host a group of food bloggers from across the U.S. It was fantastic!
May 1 2018
Spring always marks a special occasion in our family as we attend the Volunteer Firefighter’s annual banquet
April 30 2018
Last week, I had a very early morning flight from the West Coast to the Midwest. I would be on the flight for four hours followed by an immediate three and a half hour shuttle ride
April 27 2018
Writing a résumé was one of the most challenging projects I worked on during my college and high school career
April 26 2018
The struggle is real. Despite living in the hometown of John Deere and being surrounded by acres of corn, my three children are the only farm kids in their school
April 25 2018
Every dairy farmer is striving for the same thing: the prefect cow. She milks better than any other cow and her components are 5 percent fat and 4 percent protein. She’s obviously pretty
April 24 2018
No bending. No squatting. No heavy lifting