Nov. 30 2017
Every family farm should sit down annually and discuss each family member’s goals in business and their goals personally. Bring in an independent consultant if needed
Nov. 29 2017
We as an industry, not just dairy but all of agriculture, need to start standing up for each other in unison
Nov. 28 2017
It’s easy to let a down year or sad events drag us down, but the power of thankfulness is the reality of realizing where our priorities really lie
Nov. 27 2017
Udder Milk, a New Jersey home delivery company, broke state law according to the New Jersey Department of Health. A cease and desist order
Nov. 22 2017
Each time you ask your friends and family to #ThankAFarmer this holiday season, remember to be a #ThankfulFarmer, too
Nov. 21 2017
Since 1986, the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) has compiled an annual summary of the cost to prepare a Thanksgiving meal
Nov. 20 2017
This Thanksgiving, I am most grateful for the farmers, ranchers, and those who work in the agriculture industry for providing the world with the necessities to life
Nov. 17 2017
During the November Hoard’s Dairyman monthly webinar, Cornell professor, Dave Barbano talked about how milk fatty acid analysis can reflect the metabolic health of cows
Nov. 16 2017
Your network of consultants can bring new information and ideas to the dairy
Nov. 15 2017
The California landscape has always been evolving but recently the change has expedited dramatically
Nov. 14 2017
There is just something special about that time as you slip on your boots and head to the barn
Nov. 13 2017
Billionaire Thomas Tull owns a farm . . . and part of the Pittsburgh Steelers football team
Nov. 10 2017
Reaching people online is one thing, but actually engaging them is when communication and education can truly begin
Nov. 9 2017
We can connect and learn by attending workshops
Nov. 8 2017
The argument that America’s Dairyland is not attractive is a flawed one
Nov. 7 2017
“In 2 miles, turn left on Burr Salem Road,” Siri’s charming voice kindly reminds me.If you’re like me, Siri is now part of your drive to any new destination
Nov. 6 2017
There were siblings on teams from Georgia, Arkansas, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and North Carolina, but no one had quite the showing of Alabama’s Gavin and Ethan Rankins
Nov. 6 2017
Teams from Minnesota and Wisconsin were jockeying for the top positions in the youth division
Nov. 3 2017
A recent article appeared in the New York Post about a farmer that lost his life when his cow rammed him against the fence
Nov. 2 2017
Late fall brings more comfortable conditions for both cows and people in Georgia