May 11 2020
“Remember that a cow is a mother, and her calf is a baby.” — W.D. Hoard
May 8 2020
When it comes to building a website, you need a domain name. It's what people will type into Google when they are searching for your farm and it should match the brand you want to emphasize and take control...
May 7 2020
It seems like the world is at a standstill, but the view outside my farmhouse in East Moline, Ill., tells a different story
May 6 2020
If you’ve been following my blogs or my social media, you know what mental health in agriculture means to me. In fact, two of the most honest and open things I’ve ever put out into the world...
May 5 2020
The pandemic has dramatically changed life as we know it. Consumers now shop, eat, live, and work differently
May 4 2020
Last summer I had the opportunity to tour agricultural enterprises in Scotland and Ireland as part of the international dairy judging tour
May 1 2020
If you are like me, you know that it’s smart to stay updated on everything going on; however, you also enjoy the times where everyone isn’t talking about COVID-19
April 29 2020
What’s greater, a positive or a negative? A plus one or a minus one? Mathematically, positive numbers always progress in a positive trajectory
April 28 2020
To say we are all trying to find a new normal would be an understatement. With schools closing and classrooms moving to distance learning, the biggest learning curve I think
April 27 2020
I’ve spent my career helping dairy producers manage healthy cows to efficiently make a lot of high-quality milk. Now we’re frantically learning how to reduce milk flow from dairies
April 27 2020
When trying to formulate an idea for this week’s blog, I honestly couldn’t decide if I needed to stay away from anything to do with COVID-19 or not. Maybe I should have written
April 24 2020
Attacks on your social media channels can be disheartening, but there are ways to manage the hurtful comments and negative people
April 23 2020
When my mind races from all that is going wrong in our world, I have to slow down my breathing and think of the greatest lessons we will learn from this global pandemic
April 22 2020
At this point, if you’re on social media, you’ve seen the awful comments left by activists on farmers’ posts
April 21 2020
In my previous blog, I wrote about how animal rights activist groups are attempting to sway farmers to their side by offering resources to switch from dairy to growing crops that can be used to make plant-based...
April 20 2020
“If you can feed B vitamins at an economical price, do it!” encouraged Mike Hutjens. That was one of the messages viewers received as the University of Illinois nutrition icon
April 16 2020
My mom penned an open letter in response to the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on retail dairy, and her thoughtful perspective is touching and reassuring
April 15 2020
What came first, the chicken or the egg? It’s a question as old as time, yet people still argue over the theory
April 14 2020
Everywhere you look, the only thing in front of us seems to be COVID-19. The uncertainty in everything is tiring
April 13 2020
Over the last month, all kinds of conferences, sports games, and special events have been canceled. Unfortunately, holidays and life events can’t just be put on pause