Feb. 1 2021
When will you be ready to go out to a restaurant with a group of family or friends to celebrate that birthday, anniversary, or big event?
Jan. 29 2021
It had been snowing, cold, and blustery for days when we made the call. We were bedding calf pens as fast as we could, but the number of calves due that week was double what we usually expected
Jan. 28 2021
Last Friday, I received a call that I had been anticipating, but nonetheless, it was still hard to hear. I got the news that my beloved friend, Joe Lyon, died at the age of 92
Jan. 27 2021
Anyone who knows me knows that I love Hallmark Channel movies. You know exactly how it’s going to end . . . happily ever after
Jan. 26 2021
A new year is finally upon us, and I’m sure I am not the only one who is excited to turn the page on 2020
Jan. 25 2021
The first time I did chores was like no other experience.The feeling of warmth in the barn. The feeling of safety
Jan. 25 2021
Clostridia lurk nearly everywhere on your dairy—in soil, feed, manure, and inside animals’ bodies. In fact, 99 percent of fecal samples collected from dairies across the country contained Clostridia
Jan. 22 2021
The “farm kid” identity definitely carries a weighted list of stereotypes — some may be perceived as negative while others prove to be a positive in the job and internship search
Jan. 21 2021
It’s January cold here in Georgia. No ice or snow, just that cuts-you-like-a-knife wind and rain
Jan. 20 2021
I had a great opportunity the other day to chat with an expecting dad who knew nothing about dairy. Soon after, I realized I may be a bad influence
Jan. 18 2021
Farmers and agriculturalists have always known that their industry never takes a day off
Jan. 18 2021
Successful dairy operations are the result of crucial decisions made on an almost a daily basis. Evaluating and understanding your priorities for your fields is just as important to the long-term success
Jan. 15 2021
On January 5, 2020, my friends and I were on our way to spend 10 days in China with the Cornell University Dairy Fellows program
Jan. 14 2021
The world is a weird place filled with uncertainty. Last year illustrated this, but sadly we were only a handful of days into the new year when 2021 documented this, too
Jan. 13 2021
It’s no secret that more and more farmers are feeling the call to share their lives on social media. As one of those farmers, I say it’s a calling that you eventually can’t ignore
Jan. 12 2021
For most people, January is considered a fresh start. Belongings are often organized and purged to make room for the new, nutrition is top of mind after indulging in holiday treats, and many consider improving...
Jan. 11 2021
Do you know TDF Honest Farming, also known as Oregon dairy farmer Derrick Josi? If not, you should definitely check out his Facebook and
Jan. 8 2021
Dear farmers/caretakers/blood, sweat and tear givers, I see you at the wee hours of the morning thawing waterers of ice.
Jan. 7 2021
The new year always feels like a refreshed time. Even though it is just one day different, somehow, flipping to the new year on the calendar makes it a fresh start
Jan. 6 2021
Are we breeding cows wrong? It is an honest question. Have we lost sight of how or when to breed cows?