June 12 2020
My parents bought a farm that came with a house. The house ended up being a bit of a fixer-upper . . . I’m talking very little siding, negligible plumbing, and small animals in the walls
June 10 2020
It has happened! I taught a child to drive a tractor (supervised, of course)! I am not sure I could be more proud!
June 9 2020
This tumultuous last week has many feeling a little more than unsteady. The atmosphere in our country as a whole has been polarizing
June 8 2020
We know there are so many ways to enjoy the milk we produce — in a glass, on an ice cream cone, as a cup of yogurt, as sour cream on a burrito, or as cheese on just about anything
June 5 2020
Summer is the time for cow shows. It’s time for training and spending a lot of time at the wash rack. This year looks different, and I know for many people every fair that’s canceled is a blow...
June 4 2020
Dear Jacob, A decade ago I introduced you to the world with my first "Around the Kitchen Table" column
June 3 2020
My experience has been that animal activists are the worst. They take tiny grains of truth and twist them into the most spectacular lies. It’s annoying but effective
June 2 2020
This time of year typically involves graduation parties and family BBQs to kick off summer. Flowers are in bloom, the grass is getting green, and the corn is growing in early June in the Midwest
June 1 2020
I distinctly recall my fifth-grade teacher Mr. Z. He was a fun and interactive guy, and one of his favorite sayings was “until the cows come home.” He would tack it onto the end of any sentence...
May 29 2020
When I was 2 years old, my parents both worked as herd managers on successful dairy farms in central New York, but then, everything changed
May 28 2020
Food can carry quite a few labels these days. There’s grass-fed, organic, no antibiotics used, vegan, from cows not treated with rBST, clean . . . and probably at least a dozen others
May 27 2020
Is it worth it? Is it worth going head to head with animal activists? Are they worth the time it takes to have a conversation with them?
May 26 2020
How many times have we all heard as dairy farmers that we should all be online sharing our stories? It seems we get encouragement from every angle and every industry ally
May 22 2020
June is coming . . . did you read that ominously, like from Game of Thrones? You should have because June is almost here, and it’s looking like it’s going to be a battle. Online, at least
May 21 2020
When I look at my soon-to-be 14-year-old daughter, I often think back to myself at that age. Truthfully, though, Cassie oozes so much more confidence than I ever did as a teenager
May 20 2020
You might be thinking that with COVID-19 stay-at-home rules in place and limits on how many people can gather, your annual National Dairy Month farm tour should be canceled, too
May 19 2020
Restrictions on travel and large gatherings are impacting pretty much everyone – including animal rights activist organizations
May 18 2020
The concept of an agricultural spelling bee — Agribee — was started by a local Farm Bureau group in Northern California 16 years ago
May 15 2020
Located in Blackstone, Va., Richlands Dairy and Creamery is home to multiple generations of the Jones family that continue to work day in and day out to provide consumers with their best products, service,...
May 14 2020
Well, it happened this past week. I turned 30 years old and plucked not one but two gray hairs out of my head