April 2 2020
Farmers, especially dairy farmers, tend to be more distanced and like staying at home on their own farm. During these times, that is a good thing
April 1 2020
That last couple of weeks have been amazing. It has been tough but amazing. In the last 14 days, my life got a hard reset. My schedule was demolished and my priorities flopped
March 31 2020
“Well, that escalated quickly.” It seems to be the appropriate phrase to describe the last two weeks. What looked like would only be a slight interruption, has brought the global community...
March 27 2020
Millennials can be a somewhat perplexing and seemingly hypocritical bunch. I know. I’m one of them
March 26 2020
Looking at our farm here in East Moline, Ill., it is business as usual. Cows still have to be milked three times a day
March 25 2020
As farmers, we’re uniquely fortunate when it comes to being quarantined for long periods of time. I don’t know about you, but before it was encouraged or legally enforced, I used to spend weeks...
March 24 2020
The world has changed a lot in the last week and a half, and maybe one of the only silver linings in this situation is that we’re realizing the difference between what we need in order to survive...
March 23 2020
Farmers literally fed the Allied forces and the world’s war-ravaged citizens during World War II
March 20 2020
I’ll never forget sitting in a dairy quiz bowl practice at the ripe age of eight years old trying my hardest to remember what USDA stood for. Time and time again, the words “U.S. Dairy Association”...
March 19 2020
Unless you live under a rock, you know that times are a little hectic and scary right now. How much affect has one virus caused? A pandemic, death, and a lot of sick people
March 18 2020
Cows don’t always show clinical signs that they are ill. But with sensor technology these cows are spotted early, to give them the attention they need
March 17 2020
If there’s one thing I don’t think anyone was expecting this year, it’s the crisis that COVID-19 has brought. I feel like we are just in the beginning of the storm here in the U.S
March 16 2020
The world’s top milk production cow, Selz-Pralle Aftershock 3918, is just one of the 450 registered Holsteins at her central Wisconsin dairy
March 13 2020
Concerns surrounding coronavirus are impacting people across the United States and around the world. As I write this blog, events are being canceled and travel is highly discouraged — all in an attempt...
March 12 2020
As the Martina McBride song goes, “This one's for all you girls about 13. High school can be so rough, can be so mean.” I’ll add that farm girls are far and few in-between. Or at least...
March 11 2020
What’s an influencer? In marketing, it’s an individual who has the power to impact others’ thoughts or purchases. In agriculture, I’ve heard it described as an advocate, AGvocate,...
March 10 2020
Sometimes it feels like every headline I see is so far-fetched and irrelevant to my daily life that I wonder if I’m the weird one
March 9 2020
Tell your story. Tell your story. Tell your story. This is the mantra that probably every farmer and agriculturalist has heard seemingly non-stop over the last few years as social media continues to explode
March 6 2020
While facing the “college plague” last week, which I’m sure many in or around college campuses have faced at some point this semester or in past semesters, something happened that I never...
March 5 2020
I will be 30 years old in just a few months. Throughout the years, I have seen high school workers on our farm come and go