Oct. 26 2020
Dairy farmers have watched prices for their products climb to surprising highs and fall to devastating lows since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March
Oct. 23 2020
I was recently involved in a discussion among some of my professors and classmates regarding consumer interaction and education
Oct. 22 2020
We built what we consider our dream house on our family dairy farm five years ago, and we have settled in quite well
Oct. 21 2020
We all know how important the transition period is for cows. To be clear, I’m talking about the weeks surrounding when a cow calves
Oct. 20 2020
Farm managers and employees’ roles can be aligned with those of coaches and players for a sports team
Oct. 19 2020
By reducing the use of unnecessary antibiotics, you will help improve the productivity of your cows, ship more milk, and contribute to the global fight to lower antimicrobial resistance
Oct. 19 2020
A brand new type of farm tour is on the horizon, and it’s here to reach the latest age of consumer: Generation Z
Oct. 16 2020
When fun shenanigans, team camaraderie, and years of dedicated work come together, it has the ability to cement lifelong friendships and a lifestyle you can’t ignore
Oct. 14 2020
It makes me sick, nearly to the point of vomiting. It hurts my eyes so much they start to close. It infuriates me so much that I cannot stay mute
Oct. 12 2020
There’s almost always a shortage of time and a lack of space on dairy farms. When deciding which animals get the most attention and best resources, the answer is typically the milking herd, and understandably...
Oct. 9 2020
‘Tis the season for rambling posts and general unfriendliness on account of political views. As election day grows closer, I am reminded of 2016 and the massive fallouts of that November
Oct. 8 2020
While a lot of people might have Friday night plans, many farmers plans don't include leaving their farm
Oct. 7 2020
I just want to start this by saying that I hate politics for so many reasons. I hate how politicians give off the air of being superior to the rest of us when they technically work for us
Oct. 6 2020
Any other year at this time, I’d be just returning from several days spent at World Dairy Expo
Oct. 5 2020
Anyone involved in dairy farming knows the frustration of a mastitis infection. It’s costly — maybe your favorite cow was culled too soon or your milk premiums took a hit
Oct. 5 2020
The dairy industry enjoys a rich history full of value and innovation. When those two attributes are joined together, it brings accessible nutrition to people who need it
Oct. 2 2020
When speaking with farmers, many times I learn they haven't seen the social media posts or advertisements being placed by their national and local checkoffs
Oct. 1 2020
As many of you know, we switched to a robotic milking system last November. When we made the change, we had a pretty good idea of how things would go initially
Sept. 30 2020
Death and destruction in its wake, nothing but dreams and love it takes. Nothing is spared, not a life not a care, fire is here and it is not fair
Sept. 29 2020
Nothing puts into perspective what is truly important like the possibility of losing it all