July 20 2023
Heat in the summer is a given, which means decreases in milk production and dry matter intake will usually follow
July 20 2023
Served in a classic cone, layered with cookie dough, whipped together with fresh peaches, concocted into a brownie-lover’s dream, drenched with strawberries, submerged in a tall glass of root beer,...
July 19 2023
What’s the best calf starter? Of course, the answer is whatever starter fits your operation
July 18 2023
I have often felt there was an invisible wall between the beef and dairy industries, preventing them from communicating or learning from each other
July 17 2023
There’s something about the warm glow of summer sunshine that puts everything into the perfect light
July 14 2023
July is National Ice Cream Month, and there is no better time to figure out which flavor aligns with your Zodiac sign
July 13 2023
Heifers are one of the most valuable assets for a dairy operation. They are the milking herd's future and ultimately determine your business' profitability and longevity
July 13 2023
As most dairy farmers know, the previous milk check was quite disheartening
July 12 2023
As fast as agriculture is changing, some things have stayed the same. Most farms — over 90% — are still family owned and operated
July 11 2023
I grew up in a house that was busy. That’s just the nature of dairy farming
July 10 2023
As you are reading this, I will be in Madison, Wis., attending the Junior National Hereford Expo (JNHE)
July 10 2023
Swimming in data? You’re not alone. Whether it’s data from your herd management software, milk testing, parlor or milking robot, or other technologies you use, today’s dairies are inundated...
July 7 2023
Partnering across the supply chain is key to furthering the animal agriculture community’s sustainability progress
July 6 2023
Dusting off the show box, leading calves, clipping and washing animals, double checking paperwork, preparing show clothes, finalizing exhibits, and so much more are on the minds of many kids and their...
July 5 2023
Growing up on a small family farm in rural Wisconsin, I have always been surrounded by the dairy industry.
July 3 2023
When presented with a problem, we look for a solution. It is human nature to want an answer, but sometimes it is not always easy to find one
July 3 2023
Recently, I heard a country song in which an old man provides counsel to “buy dirt.” While a song isn’t a source of financial advice, it does highlight the feeling that many producers...
June 30 2023
One of the coolest aspects of being part of a dairy farm is walking into a store — whether it’s a retailer or an on-farm shop — and seeing your milk bottled or made into other dairy products...
June 29 2023
The National FFA Organization became a huge part of my life starting my sixth-grade year when my agriculture teacher showed up on my front porch with a form to join
June 28 2023
Ah, farm kids. We’re the best, aren’t we? I may be biased, but also maybe I’m not