June 29 2021
To tell an effective agriculture story online, a farm should consider who they’re trying to reach, what information they want to share, and what content will do the best job of reaching consumers
June 28 2021
While our methods may have changed over time, providing a safe product for our consumers is the goal of every dairy farmer
June 28 2021
Dairy cows have the incredible capacity to upcycle recalcitrant plant matter into nutritious milk. They do this with their secret weapon: the dairy cow rumen microbiome
June 25 2021
Farmers tend to be most enthusiastic and tell our best anecdotes to fellow farmers; however, paring down stories or biting our tongue on details about our farm can be a true disservice to the consumer...
June 23 2021
It had been a long, hot, tiring week, but then my son reminded me that patience and kindness are always worth it
June 21 2021
There are more microbes in the rumen of a single dairy cow than humans on earth. If you think it’s challenging for all those people to work together, imagine what’s going on in the rumen
June 21 2021
Waking at the crack of dawn is nothing new for Indiana dairy farmer Jill Houin. However, feeling like a celebrity with a police escort and a crowd of fans is not her typical morning routine
June 17 2021
Farming is a dangerous occupation, but the costs of health insurance leave many uncovered or underinsured
June 15 2021
Resiliency in the face of a global pandemic gives us extra reasons to honor and promote the dairy industry this year
June 14 2021
Accurate results from forage testing begins with the you. For the sake of your animals, be sure to gather the most accurate sample
June 14 2021
Fly control on a dairy operation can feel like an overwhelming task. There are a number of different areas that need to be treated and maintained to protect your animals, employees, and bottom line
June 11 2021
Small jobs on the farm can create big learning opportunities for children
June 9 2021
California’s water situation has not been good for a long time; however, this year could prove to be even worse
June 8 2021
My farm boys have just two weeks of school left while many others are already out of school. It’s the time of year that kids look forward to the most, a magical time in childhood
June 7 2021
Irritated was one word to describe the emotions I felt in fourth grade. As I eagerly joined a local 4-H club, I was ready to become actively involved
June 7 2021
Endovac-Dairy is a vaccine and is commonly administered several times in the first month of the calf’s life to get the bacterial protection from Endovac
June 3 2021
Perhaps you are a person who works full time at another job but dreams of owning a small farm someday. Or maybe you already operate a farm but want to add another enterprise or start a side busi
June 2 2021
Advocating for agriculture online means connecting with those you’re trying to reach
June 1 2021
Dairy farmers and the industry support one another with their shared passion and dedication
May 31 2021
Labor and raw material shortages are causing chaos across global supply chains. Freight lines are in desperate need of truckers. Costs for steel, lumber, and plastic/petrochemicals are all at all-time...