March 26 2021
As women, we are farmers, farmer’s daughters, farmer’s wives, and so many other things, but that does not dictate our roles or capabilities
March 25 2021
These sights, smells, and experiences are what I love most about life on the farm
March 24 2021
Farming with family is not always easy, but we can make it work
March 23 2021
Sustainability is a priority for today’s consumers – let’s make sure they know that farmers are already good stewards of the land
March 22 2021
Popular ag promoter Dairy Carrie offers advice on how to become a sponsored advocate
March 19 2021
Endovac-Dairy is a vaccine and is commonly administered several times in the first month of the calf’s life to get the bacterial protection from Endovac
March 19 2021
As winter turns into spring, we try to catch up on many random projects around the farm
March 18 2021
I saw a Facebook post the other day from an old college friend that said if you don’t believe that there is still sexism in 2021, then feel free to walk with her into a variety of presumably male-dominated...
March 17 2021
After a year filled with trials and tribulations, dairy farmers remained as hardworking and resilient as ever
March 16 2021
Even in an upside-down year, dairy has remained essential
March 15 2021
Family farms continue to be the backbone of our food production system and many rural communities
March 15 2021
What can farmers do to make their operations more sustainable for the future?
March 12 2021
To say that the last year has changed everything would be an understatement; however, slowly but surely, we will all be able to see again
March 11 2021
A year later, the COVID-19 pandemic still reminds us of the blessings farm life provides
March 10 2021
A little break can be good for our health
March 9 2021
Sharing our thoughts and realities helps us build trust and connections, even when it’s difficult
March 8 2021
A Georgia family was able grant their farm’s patriarch one last wish after his passing
March 8 2021
Getting cows pregnant is a critical process that impacts nearly every aspect of a dairy operation. Many steps are involved in getting a cow through a safe calving
March 5 2021
Much like a pop quiz, regular state and federal inspections keep dairy farmers on their toes
March 4 2021
Before we made the actual purchase of our voluntary milking systems, we went and looked at many different farms that had them. We wanted to see the pros and cons and how the herds were managed