Aug. 4 2020
We recently hosted dairy farmers from New York on our farm in Oregon. I had never met these farmers before, but we had been connected through the Guernsey breed
July 31 2020
My family went on their first vacation to visit a friend in California last spring. It was the first time in 18 years that my parents had left the farm for more than a long weekend outside of driving distance
July 30 2020
Not too long ago, I was inside sipping some ice tea and reading a book, when I paused, looked outside my kitchen window, and smiled
July 29 2020
One of the reasons mental health struggles are running rampant in ag communities is because it’s hard to open up to a professional about our lives when they don’t understand our job
July 28 2020
While June Dairy Month is now in the rearview mirror, some animal rights activist organizations will remain focused on the dairy industry
July 27 2020
Optimizing milk efficiency and component yield are very important to overall farm profitability. Both milk efficiency and component yield are greatly influenced by the rations fed
July 27 2020
No one knows the exact extent that this pandemic will affect how we go about daily life in the future, but just as with historical events in the past, it’s clear that some things will remain changed
July 24 2020
If you’ve never seen the movie The Princess Bride, keep reading, but once you’re done, go watch it
July 23 2020
After you've selected your website’s domain, you will need to put content (pictures, videos, and text) on the internet via a website builder
July 22 2020
Oh, Burger King . . . jumping on the three-wheeled, dilapidated, fake news bandwagon
July 21 2020
Summer seems to be the time when farm life can take its greatest toll on our physical and mental health
July 20 2020
Despite the fact that we’re a dwindling part of the population (which is a tragedy through my 25-year-old eyes), I’m always thrilled to come across a fellow farm kid
July 17 2020
For the past seven years, I have volunteered at the Dairy Cow Birthing Center at the New York State Fair. When I get there, I promptly plop myself next to the calf pen, which is normally swamped with people
July 16 2020
It was so wonderful to visit with my sister, Cathy, and her family. Last week I went back to my roots and visited my hometown of Bend, Ore
July 15 2020
“How do you get through the days you don’t want to be at the dairy anymore?” I wasn’t even slightly surprised to get this question from a fellow dairy farmer on Instagram earlier...
July 14 2020
Various authors and studies have likened willpower to a muscle. They have explained that it must be repeatedly practiced before it becomes stronger and the new habit second nature
July 13 2020
Farmers do what they do because they love the job, but that doesn’t mean it’s not difficult
July 10 2020
As producers, I’m sure most of you have heard pleas from agriculture communicators asking you to tell your story
July 9 2020
Here at Hillcrest Farms, we take pride in what we do. The good days, the bad days, the hot days, and the cold days
July 8 2020
A dairy farm is not in the business of making milk. Say that out loud to yourself. A dairy farm is not in the business of making milk