Oct. 24 2018
I understand that there is a time to be professional and a time to be relaxed
Oct. 23 2018
You can find some pretty neat things by going through the archives of Hoard’s Dairyman
Oct. 22 2018
As an industry we are always looking for more ways to excite and entice the next generation to be involved in the dairy industry. 4-H and FFA programs are a base of education and exposure. The next step...
Oct. 19 2018
Any calf that doesn’t drink its milk, is scouring, or looks a little thirsty gets a bottle of electrolytes
Oct. 18 2018
I am sure most of you know that women are starting to take on more responsibility in the agricultural industry. Back in the 1940s and 1950s, you would see a lot of husbands running the farms while the...
Oct. 17 2018
It’s not that I don’t have enough to do already. Yet for some reason, when I get asked to talk to a group of preschoolers about dairy, I always say yes!
Oct. 16 2018
My husband and I live a very unique lifestyle that allows us to include our children in our work
Oct. 15 2018
While not a devastating year for growing crops, it certainly was not ideal. Weather, milk prices, and export bureaucracy have left many feeling a bit underwhelmed
Oct. 12 2018
Thank you, dairy farmers. Thank you for devoting your lives to caring for animals, caring for the environment, and caring for us by producing a nutritious and safe product
Oct. 11 2018
You were my life cheerleader, and I'm so thankful for that. I wish you could see your grandchildren now
Oct. 10 2018
If I’m being completely honest, I’ve never fully understood the allure of a cow show. I showed for 11 years in 4-H, but I was in it more for the 4-H than the cow show
Oct. 9 2018
I took this picture a couple of weeks before school started because I wanted to remember moments like these with my littlest helper
Oct. 8 2018
The 6-year-old took home Grand Champion in the Holstein Show
Oct. 8 2018
Views of World Dairy Expo from Saturday, October 6, 2018
Oct. 6 2018
A Supreme Champion Cow has been selected at World Dairy Expo since 1970. Forty-eight years later, the show introduced the Supreme Champion Heifer recognition
Oct. 6 2018
Here is a listing of the Supreme Champions of World Dairy Expo, starting in 1970
Oct. 6 2018
A listing of all the Supreme Champions of the Junior Show, starting in 1994
Oct. 6 2018
Supreme Champion of the Junior Show A Supreme Champion Cow of the Junior Show has been selected at World Dairy Expo since 1994. But, 2018 marks the first time for a Supreme Champion heifer
Oct. 6 2018
It was the winning 5-year-old, Toni who ended the day with Grand Champion honors
Oct. 6 2018
As judge Blair Weeks made his much anticipated final Red and White Champion selection of the day, the crowd rhythmically clapped along to “Here we go” as he circled the six contender