April 1 2022
Watching and guiding the next generation of dairy ambassadors and enthusiasts is truly an honor
March 31 2022
A first lactation heifer’s initial experience in a voluntary milking system or robot is so important to the cow and the farmer
March 30 2022
No matter how convicted one feels about their product, there is always a substitute. The one thing that is hard to replace, however, is the relationship with the team behind the product
March 29 2022
There has been more than a fair share of struggle in the last few years. We are no strangers to the stress and, well, basically plain craziness and unpredictability of the dairy industry. Carryi
March 28 2022
There is a tendency, when formulating diets for animal production, to focus on diet costs. The cost of feeding animals is ongoing and can consume 70% to 90% of the total costs of production
March 28 2022
Discussions about a farm’s transition should be intentional with all vested parties at the table
March 25 2022
“They look like corporate, professional people wearing suits,” my friend exclaimed as I was talking to her about the Alliance’s work monitoring animal rights extremism
March 24 2022
Cows like routine just like humans do
March 23 2022
Most people still trust “farmers,” so let’s label ourselves what we really are
March 22 2022
Farming requires commitment and passion like few other careers do
March 21 2022
Quality, reliable labor can be hard to come by. Whether your labor force is family or outside labor, the right milking equipment and technology upgrades can help your parlor run smoothly
March 21 2022
Climbing prices on both sides of the food system show us how much our farms depend on others here and abroad
March 17 2022
There are some things in life that are just ridiculously satisfying. You may have seen those videos on social media where something so simple is strangely pleasing to watch
March 15 2022
A tragedy this weekend reminds us of the importance of being prepared
March 14 2022
Most farms, no matter their geographic location, experienced some sort of irregular or maybe even extreme weather conditions in 2021. As a result, it’s likely the quality of dairy feed and forages...
March 14 2022
Entries from the Hoard’s Dairyman Farm Creamery did well at the world’s largest dairy products contest
March 11 2022
U.S. Olympian Elle Purrier St. Pierre grew up on a dairy farm and now uses her sport to promote the industry and its products
March 10 2022
March may be a crazy month, but knowing that our heifers are safe and that folks have resources to ask about agriculture makes it all worth the time
March 9 2022
As farmers, we hope for consumers to be open-minded enough to listen to what we have to say, but are we open-minded enough to listen to each other?
March 8 2022
We can’t do it all, and that makes life easier and more fulfilling