Aug. 20 2021
Farmers usually have to do a lot more than the average person to prepare for a vacation day away from the farm
Aug. 19 2021
Family members and employees, past and present, have helped shape our dairy farm
Aug. 18 2021
By taking on leadership roles, we all have an opportunity to help shape the future of the dairy industry
Aug. 17 2021
Understanding how smoke affects cow health could be critical in the future of the fire-ravaged West
Aug. 16 2021
After spending a summer with Hoard’s Dairyman, I am more confident in my writing skills and dairy knowledge
Aug. 16 2021
Building a dairy cattle feed ration is about more than just the feed that ends up in the bunk. It’s about partnerships built between you and your nutritionist to tackle challenges and find solutions...
Aug. 12 2021
The Hoard’s Dairyman Farm earned national recognition for its Guernsey herd in 2020
Aug. 11 2021
Social media can be an intimidating place, but sharing your story is important and can be fun
Aug. 10 2021
Just getting by during the pandemic can only be our mindset for so long
Aug. 9 2021
Dairy employees got the chance to bond with coworkers during the two-weekend Dairy Soccer Cup
Aug. 9 2021
When dry matter intake drops, so can milk production. This undesirable combination often occurs during the summer months as cows change their feeding behavior to help keep cool. High-performing dairy cows...
Aug. 6 2021
This collection of resources can help you build a website that best represents your farm
Aug. 5 2021
Our county fair, the Fayette County Fair in Northeast Iowa, was held a few weeks ago. While I haven’t participated as an exhibitor for a number of years, I’ve been fortunate to witness
Aug. 2 2021
Don’t let a full plate scare you away from a new opportunity. Saying “yes” can introduce you to new friends and interests
Aug. 2 2021
You’ve likely been told “variety A will produce more milk than variety B” when choosing your forage crop varieties.The problem with this claim is that it probably doesn’t work exactly...
July 30 2021
With more emphasis being placed on the well-being of livestock all the time, students can gain experience in this type of evaluation through the Animal Welfare Assessment Contest
July 28 2021
These tips make days on the farm easier
July 27 2021
Over decades, dairy farmers have gained new tools to accomplish the same mission of caring for their animals
July 26 2021
The rumen hosts a complex microbial ecosystem containing many thousands of unique microorganisms (microbes) dynamically interacting with each other that together enable a dairy cow to access energy from...
July 26 2021
The annual Dairy Experience Forum proved that consumers recognize the need for dairy products in the diets, but they crave more insight on farming