Jan. 8 2021
Dear farmers/caretakers/blood, sweat and tear givers, I see you at the wee hours of the morning thawing waterers of ice.
Jan. 7 2021
The new year always feels like a refreshed time. Even though it is just one day different, somehow, flipping to the new year on the calendar makes it a fresh start
Jan. 6 2021
Are we breeding cows wrong? It is an honest question. Have we lost sight of how or when to breed cows?
Jan. 4 2021
If one of your resolutions for 2021 is to take better care of your mind, you have a tasty option: eat more cheese
Dec. 18 2020
Twas the week before Christmas, and all across the world, COVID-19 was raging, a new year ‘bout to unfurl
Dec. 17 2020
For me, social media and blogging has been both a blessing and a struggle. To be honest, sometimes lately it’s more of the latter
Dec. 16 2020
I’m not going to lie to you: You haven’t been my favorite year. Just like every January, I had all the big expectations
Dec. 15 2020
Vaccinations are top of mind for most people right now, as the first COVID-19 vaccines for Americans were distributed this week
Dec. 14 2020
I asked several dairy farmers who are successful in connecting with consumers through social media
Dec. 11 2020
I’ve had the same sticker on the back window of my now-rusted-out Pontiac G6 for 10 years
Dec. 9 2020
Wow, it has been a long day. It has been a long, trying, terribly good bad day. It’s been one of those days where you walk in the house in nothing but your undies
Dec. 8 2020
If there ever was a year that needed the joy of the holiday spirit, it’d be 2020. It’s undoubtedly been a long and crazy year
Dec. 7 2020
The pandemic has forced us to take a closer look at many shortcomings in our communities over the past few months, including those in the food system
Dec. 7 2020
A sick cow can be easy to spot. She might be off-feed, have droopy ears, and seem slow to get up
Dec. 4 2020
Dairy farming is traditionally thought of as a generational vocation. Farms are handed down from parents to children over time, or from an owner to a successor
Dec. 3 2020
As a farm mom and wife, you get pretty good about waiting, or at least I have
Dec. 2 2020
I’m writing this through tears of anger, frustration, disbelief, and exhaustion. I am so tired of being a farmer
Dec. 1 2020
I have a notebook where I dump everything from my brain. Thoughts, to-do lists, goals . . . you name it, it’s all there
Nov. 27 2020
My view today is filled with rain, snow, sleet, and lots of fog (because that’s Midwest weather for you)
Nov. 25 2020
Let’s talk about fog really quick, shall we? In my hometown, we get some pretty impressive fog