April 28 2022
Consumer expectations and farmer responses to whether cows should have pasture access may vary, and in between there is a lot to think about
April 26 2022
A farming legacy is honorable and desirable but not without challenges
April 25 2022
I watched my first state dairy bowl contest in 1982 – just two years after the contest debuted on the national level. I was instantly engaged
April 25 2022
Alfalfa is a homegrown forage that can provide high-quality fiber, high protein content and good yields. First-crop alfalfa sets the pace for the rest of the season
April 22 2022
Check up on yourself and those around you as the bleakness of winter is slow to move on
April 21 2022
Our busiest time of year is just kicking off
April 20 2022
Asking questions connects us better than making assumptions
April 19 2022
If you find yourself with a negative review on Google, there are ways to redeem your image
April 18 2022
Remember that healthy, happy calves start as hydrated calves.With all the challenges and pitfalls of the past few years, many large and small dairies have reflected on new management strategies to inc
April 18 2022
Young readers will soak up modern dairy farming in this new children’s book
April 15 2022
Our calf ear tag numbering and coloring system has gone off the rails due to production and supply chain issues throughout the country
April 14 2022
When we make adjustments on the farm, some are more successful than others, but we are continually learning and improving the herd
April 13 2022
The advancements in dairying the past few decades have been impressive, and with technology, the changes will keep coming faster
April 11 2022
Bovine respiratory disease (BRD) is known as a “disease complex” because it usually stems from multiple factors
April 11 2022
What does sustainable agriculture look like? There’s more to it than mitigating climate change
April 7 2022
Taking our time is necessary on the farm but also teaches valuable lessons
April 6 2022
Isolating ourselves does no good to reach the people consuming our products
April 5 2022
Showing dairy animals teaches lessons that are applicable to my life today
April 4 2022
An optimal calf can be defined as a calf with minimal health issues and maximum growth performance
April 4 2022
The identities of the cows, official placings, and winners will be announced in the next three issues of Hoard’s Dairyman