KRONE North America is a leading provider of innovative agricultural equipment headquartered in Olive Branch, Mississippi. Established as a daughter company of the globally renowned KRONE Agriculture over 50 years ago, the company specializes in distribution of state-of-the-art hay and forage equipment designed to meet the evolving needs of farmers across North America.

Strategically located in the distribution capital of the world, KRONE provides efficient delivery of equipment and OEM parts through a network of authorized dealers, and company stores. KRONE specializes in hay and forage equipment designed to enhance efficiency and productivity for farmers and custom operators. Their product lineup includes hay mowers, tedders, rakes, and round balers, as well as flagship commercial pieces – the BiG Pack square baler, the BiG M self-propelled mower conditioner, and the BiG X self-propelled forage harvester, the world’s highest horsepower forage harvester.

Established in 1906, KRONE prides itself on its uniqueness as a family-owned business to prioritize innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction above shareholder gains. KRONE North America actively engages with and is dedicated to supporting producers to foster partnerships that contribute to the industry's growth and prosperity. With a commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability, KRONE empowers farmers to achieve their goals.

March 11 2024
Forage quality tops the list for important contributions to the health and profitability of all livestock but often remains an afterthought